‘Married at First Sight’: Brett Calls Olivia ‘Insufferable’ – Honeymoon over Already?

Married at First Sight pair Brett Lindsey and Olivia get into it on their honeymoon. And, it looks like it’s their first argument as a married pair. Meanwhile, things heat up in a good way for other pairs.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey & Olivia Get into It

At this point in the Married at First Sight season in New Orleans, the couples enjoy their honeymoon. It’s their first getaway as husbands and wives. But, even though some couples hit it off really well, others faced their first struggles. And, spoilers tease that’s the case for Olivia and Brett Lindsey.

Married at First Sight spoilers show Brett is already annoyed with wife, Olivia. Brett Lyndsey says to the other guys that Olivia is “insufferable.” And, it looks like early warning signs come to the surface after the initial good vibes of the honeymoon wear off.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Olivia

MAFS: Things Heat Up for Other Pairs

Married at First Sight sources report, it’s not all bad for the couples on their honeymoon this season. Viewers commented from the beginning on the chemistry between Woody Randall and Amani. Right out of the gate, they’ve been a front-runner pair. And, spoilers show they keep that chemistry going.

Amani spoilers say that she and Woody Randall go all the way on their honeymoon. This isn’t a huge shocker given the level of chemistry they have. And, even though other couples like Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi don’t kiss and tell, Woody and Amani are the first duo this season to confirm they got busy between the sheets.

Married At First Sight: Amani - Woody Randall

Married at First Sight: Olivia & Brett Not Compatible?

Married at First Sight teases a disagreement between Olivia and groom Brett Lindsey in upcoming content. It’s not entirely clear what sparks the argument. But, it’s enough to make Olivia leave the room mid-conversation. So, it could be serious for the couple.

Olivia said in recent Married at First Sight show episodes that she was single for nearly four years before applying for the Lifetime show. So, she was out of the game for a bit before jumping into a marriage with Brett. Meanwhile, Brett Lindsey is open about being a serial dater and using apps to find hookups. So, that may be an issue for them as the season progresses.

Olivia says in Married at First Sight teasers that she can’t “throw her heart out there.” So, it could be she had a difficult time opening up to Brett Lindsey after being single for so long.

Meanwhile, Brett asks her point-blank if she wants him to lie about something. It could be they start talking about their dating history. And, it’s possible Brett Lindsey’s past as a serial dater makes Olivia uncomfortable. Moreover, it’s enough to make her leave the room. And, with leaks saying the pair call it quits on Decision Day, this may be the first crack in their marriage.

Married at First Sight episodes air every Wednesday night at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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