‘Married at First Sight’: Brett Lindsey Expands Family with New Girlfriend?

Married at First Sight alum Brett Lindsey continues to enjoy his life without his ex-wife Olivia Cornu. The 35-year-old cat lover from Gretna, Louisiana has put his failed marriage behind and is living his best life. He’s been out and about with his supposed new girlfriend Brittany Sleeter. And now, it looks like the couple is taking their romance to the next level and they’re not ashamed to show it.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey & Girlfriend Going Strong

Looks like Brett Lindsey has finally found the right woman for him. The Married at First Sight cast member has completely moved on from his ex Olivia Cornu and is now happily in love with his new girlfriend. Brett is currently dating Brittany Sleeter, a sophomore medical student at Tulane University’s School of Medicine.

The couple’s relationship is still relatively new yet they seem to move too fast with it. Brett and his fellow cat lover girlfriend have been spending most of their time together. The MAFS celeb regularly shares photos and videos with Brittany hanging out at his home. This led to speculations that the two are now living together.

In one of the photos, Brittany can be seen comfortably chilling in Brett’s living room. Another shot taken the next day showed her in the same spot wearing a different outfit. There’s also an adorable photo of the Married at First Sight star cuddling his girlfriend. Did Brett ask Brittany to move in?

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey

Brett’s New Fur Baby

It seems Brett Lindsey is also expanding his family with Brittany Sleeter. The Married at First Sight celebrity and his girlfriend recently welcomed a fur baby to their home, which many find adorable. Brett and his girlfriend have been gushing over his dog, Josie.

Brett definitely showed his inner animal lover as he doted on the dog. His girlfriend is equally fond of the brown and white pooch, admitting that she’s “obsessed” with it. The couple’s fondness for animals isn’t really surprising at all. Both are fur-parents to multiple dogs and cats.

However, the Married at First Sight celeb’s new addition to the family is only temporary. It turns out, the  Australian Shepherd pooch belongs to his brother. He’s only dog sitting her when his sibling is out of town. Still, it’s good to see Brett Lindsey and his girlfriend putting in a lot of effort to take care of the dog. It’s almost as if they are already honing their parenting skills for future use.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey

Married at First Star’s Life Post-Olivia Cornu

Meanwhile, Brett Lindsey is not looking back at his past with Olivia Cornu. The Married at First Sight personality shows no sign of interest in his ex-wife. It’s clear that the two don’t want anything to do with each other anymore.

Fans of the hit Lifetime show witnessed how Brett and Olivia’s marriage was doomed from day one. The ex-couple has a lot of issues left unsolved, which ultimately ended with them parting ways even before the show ended. It doesn’t look like Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey will be back on good terms anytime soon.

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