‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Divided Over Brett Lindsey and Henry Rodriguez

Married at First Sight viewers divided over Brett Lindsey and Henry Rodriguez. These two men have split the viewers down the middle. But new scenes might make fans change their minds.

Married at First Sight: Is Brett Lindsey Really the Villain?

Early on in the show, Brett Lindsey started some rather villain-like activity. At first, it was hitting on Married at First Sight star Henry Rodriguez’s friend. And then Brett left the bachelor party early with an “Irish goodbye.” The other guys teased they wanted to get to know Brett, but he wasn’t there.

As the show kept going, either the editing is bad, or Brett is really acting like a jerk. Part of Married at First Sight is answering uncomfortable questions. One of the things Brett and his wife Olivia, didn’t share was their sex—or lack thereof.

Everyone respected that they didn’t want to share about sex. But Brett Lindsey from Married at First Sight took it a little far when he refused to rate his marriage. He went on to say that it was dehumanizing to rate people. And that’s why he was so upset when he overheard Olivia say their relationship was a seven. And now new scenes show Brett and Olivia going through his house that he’s very proud of—but Olivia wasn’t impressed which hurt Brett.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Olivia - New Orleans

MAFS: Is Henry Rodriguez the Problem?

Married at First Sight uses funny music when they show Lifetime’s Christina with Henry Rodriguez. There are obviously a lot of edits, and it makes it look like Henry can’t form a whole sentence. There are a lot of umms and ahhs. But then again, Christina doesn’t seem to let Henry get a word in when he does try to talk.

Henry Rodriguez from Married at First Sight doesn’t seem to want sex – or kisses. Some fans even think Henry is a virgin, but of course, he’s not telling. It seems like no one is going to get much out of Henry Rodriguez or Brett Lindsey when it comes to sex in their marriage.

Both Christina and Henry admit that things are a little strange. And neither one of them rated their marriage high. But who is at fault in their marriage? Christina or Henry? Christina’s recent impatient and rude outbreaks with production sway some fans to Henry’s side.

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry Rodriguez

Married at First Sight: Fans Can’t Agree

Recently, in a poll done by MAFsfan, fans couldn’t decide whether Christina or Henry was the problem. And they couldn’t decide whether they liked Henry Rodriguez or not. Fans were around 50/50 on both issues.

One issue the fans weren’t split down the middle on were the experts. It seems like fans of Married at First Sight are losing faith. As a matter of fact, they took two different polls, and both showed that they didn’t think the experts were doing very well recently.

Some people even noticed that two couples out of the last two seasons have been trainwrecks. And fans agree that they would never have put Olivia and Brett nor Christina and Henry together.

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