‘Married at First Sight’: Dirty Secrets about Christina and Henry’s Wedding

Married at First Sight‘s Christina and Henry Rodriguez’s wedding was a little awkward. But it seems like there are some dirty secrets about their wedding that didn’t come out on MAFS.

Married at First Sight: Is Henry Rodriguez Getting a Bad Edit?

Some Married at First Sight fans think Henry Rodriguez is getting edited poorly. They say they notice that conversations are a little weird and pick up at strange spots. And they think Henry’s father might be getting a bad edit as well. This is especially true after Christina said that she had a great time and enjoyed his family.

When the first episodes of Married at First Sight started, it seemed like they wanted to make Henry Rodriguez the good guy. Now it looks like the editing is trying to make him look boring. And let’s not forget his one friend from the wedding saying Henry was boring on the one date they went on.

In fact, people that watch Married at First Sight say Henry seemed very interesting at the beginning. Henry Rodriguez was pretty chatty with the other guys, so why would he clam up all of a sudden?

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry

Is Christina Hiding Something?

Fans have mixed feelings about Christina and Henry’s matching. When fans heard she was in a relationship for five years just nine months ago, everyone freaked out. Why would the Married at First Sight experts match Henry Rodriguez with someone that was just off a long relationship?

MAFSfan said a source claimed that Christina was in a relationship with a married man and that was who the 5-year relationship was with. They also said that Christina sent wedding invitations to Facebook friends she hadn’t seen since high school. And police arrested one of those guests for drunk and disorderly behavior.

After all, if that is the case, it would make sense why he didn’t get Christina flowers. Whatever the case, fans are hoping for Henry’s sake that Christina is a good woman, and that Henry Rodriguez will have an amazing honeymoon.

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry

Married at First Sight: It’s Not Looking Good

Everyone is making their predictions about who splits and who stays married. And right now, everyone is worrying about Christina and her husband, Henry Rodriguez. They are so weird around each other, but again, that could be editing.

Christina said on the show that she wants to get Henry out doing things. It seems like she finds his lack of travel and experience charming. But viewers of Married at First Sight wonder how long those feelings are going to last.

The honeymoon is usually where it is pretty easy to tell if there is trouble early on. Make sure to watch Wednesday nights at 8 pm on Lifetime to see what happens.

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