‘Married at First Sight’: Brett Lindsey’s New Girlfriend Brags about ‘Power Move’

Married at First Sight‘s Brett Lindsey‘s new girlfriend recently bragged about using a “power move” on Brett. In fact, it seems like she knows exactly how to keep her sweetheart in line.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey’s New Girlfriend

Brett Lindsey has been dating this new girl, Brittany, for a couple of months now. Fans confused her with the first short-term relationship he had with a blonde after breaking up with Olivia Cornu from Married at First Sight. But despite her similar look, she is not the same girl on a boat with Brett in the summer months.

Married at First Sight star Brett and Brittany make quite a time and have a lot of fun together. She likes to keep Brett Lindsey in his place and bragged about a power move she made recently. Brittany and Brett were in the freezing cold of Wisconsin, and she made him tie her show.

While he tied her boots, she said that it was a power move. And fans of Married at First Sight said that he seems to treat her a lot differently than Olivia. In fact, they think if he would have let Olivia treat him this way that they might have worked out.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Brittany


Brett Settles Down with New Lady

MAFS celeb Brett Lindsey was a serial dater, and TLC fans weren’t sure he’d ever settle down. But it seems like he and Brittany are doing well in their relationship. They spend a lot of time together at home, but they also travel.

Fans of Married at First Sight think it is comical that he traveled to Florida and Wisconsin since his divorce with Olivia. Many think that is a lot of traveling for someone that is afraid of COVID-19 and wants to save their money. In fact, he got a lot of fan backlash for acting hypocritically due to these changes.

It doesn’t seem like Brett Lindsey cares about what fans think about him. And he is spending a lot of time with his girlfriend and rescue dogs. Married at First Sight viewers do give Brett a lot of props for helping out dogs in need.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Brittany

Married at First Sight: Bringing out the Softer Side

During Married at First Sight, Brett came off as a sarcastic jerk. But he dropped a few hints that the editing on the show made him the villain. This is even though they aren’t supposed to talk about any of the editing that production does on their scenes.

When fans saw Lifetime’s Brett helped homeless pups find owners, their hearts melted. Many viewers of Married at First Sight thought Brett Lindsey only liked cats. But it turns out he likes dogs too and is more than happy to pet sit for his brother’s pup and help shelter doggies.

Fans of Married at First Sight say they like to see this side of Brett. And they are glad he is happy with Brittany now.

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