‘Married at First Sight’: Why Olivia Wanted to be on MAFS New Orleans

Married at First Sight: New Orleans viewers see Olivia preparing to marry new husband, Brett Lindsey, in the brand new episodes. Taking a leap of faith and marrying a stranger on the Lifetime matchmaking show is a huge risk. Meanwhile, Olivia recently talked about what inspired her to take the plunge. What did she reveal?

Married at First Sight NOLA: New Bride Olivia a Fan of Lifetime Show

Brett Lindsey’s Married at First Sight wife, Olivia, spoke with IB Times recently. And, she talked about what inspired her to be on the show. Married at First Sight is a crazy experiment that thrusts cast members into the spotlight. And, it can be a lot to handle for some people.

Still, Olivia said she wanted to participate because she is a fan of MAFS. She said she watched several seasons of the Lifetime mega-hit. And, she saw a number of successful couples. She watched the “love” and “growth” from each pair that manages to stick it out.

Meanwhile, even though it’s still early in the new Married at First Sight season, it’s clear she wants to find that with her new groom, Brett Lindsey. Though, there are already a few red flags when it comes to his behavior so far.

Married at First Sight - Olivia - Brett

Married at First Sight New Orleans: New Bride Dishes on Her Favorite Couples & More

As a fan of Married at First Sight, Olivia definitely has favorite couples from previous seasons. Brett Lindsey’s wife said she draws inspiration from Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd, and Jephte Pierre and Shawniece Jackson. Both couples put in the work to make their marriage successful. And, it looks like she is ready to do the same thing this season.

Olivia added that she’s an “easy-going” person. And, she believes that temperament will help her succeed in the Married at First Sight experiment. Meanwhile, viewers will see if that pans out as the all-new season progresses. She went on to say she tried to be as open to the process as possible. And, she tried not to be “too picky” in terms of characteristics she wants in a life partner.

Meanwhile, Olivia dished on the most difficult part about filming Married at First Sight: New Orleans. She said the “documentation portion” was the most stressful. Cameras are everywhere. And, you have to accept the fact that you open your life to public scrutiny once you agree to film. Moreover, it seems the new spouse had a hard time adjusting to that.

Married at First Sight: Olivia - New Orleans

Do MAFS Couple Olivia & Brett Lindsey Make it?

Just one episode into the fresh season of Married at First Sight, there are already a few concerns when it comes to Olivia’s new husband. Brett comes across as a bit of a player in MAFS teasers. And, many viewers think he may leave Olivia with a broken heart once this season wraps.

Interestingly, Olivia said she wants someone that’s not too “arrogant”, “selfish”, or a “poor communicator”. And, while viewers still get to know the brand new cast members, some feel Brett Lindsey is definitely the arrogant type.

The experts really dropped the ball in recent seasons matching wives with husbands like Luke Cuccurullo, Matt Gwynne, and Zach Justice. And, many followers hope Brett isn’t this season’s villain – for Olivia’s sake.

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