‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: MAFS Cast Gets Wild on Season 11

The Married at First Sight NOLA cast is getting wild in New Orleans. What else could you expect than a great time at the bachelor party? The men say that it is their last night of freedom, so it’s time to get at it. Some of the women don’t feel the same way.

Married at First Sight Season 11 Will Be the Wildest Ever in New Orleans

If you’re looking for the good times on Married at First Sight, Lifetime is going to give it to you. The season is going to come out of the gate strong with strippers and lots of booze. One of the cast members, Bennett, had never been around strippers before. Co-cast member, Woody, said it showed a lot.

Woody is definitely going to be one of the ones we see having some fun at the party. But not in a bad way like the groom from Married at First Sight, Henry said Brett seemed to enjoy the party. In fact, he said that he enjoyed it a little bit too much. He went on to say that the person that matches with Brett is going to need to put up with a lot.

The ladies were drinking and turning up as well. There were strippers at their party and they definitely didn’t seem to mind it—except for one of the ladies.

Married at First Sight: Brett

Brett Enjoyed the Bachelor Party a Little Bit Too Much

You might start thinking that Henry was jealous of Brett from Married at First Sight, so many that is why he said he was enjoying the party too much. But it looks like he was trying to get cozy with one of the women there. It didn’t seem like she was into it since she probably knew he was going to get married on Married at First Sight soon. On July 15th, on Lifetime, you’ll be able to see how the drama unfolds.

When Brett and the guys were talking, he did mention something else that didn’t go over well. He didn’t seem to want to go forward with the experiment if he wasn’t instantly attracted to his wife. The other guys seemed to think that they could make it past the woman not being their normal type.

The guys of Married at First Sight went on to say to Brett, ‘What if she doesn’t have an attraction to you?’ And he said that she would have to be crazy not to be attracted to him. The other grooms didn’t seem to agree with this statement either, so we will see how this goes.

Married at First Sight: Woody

Christina Is Just Not Comfortable With the Strippers

The strippers on Married at First Sight seem to be a hit with most of the men and women. But that’s not necessarily the case with one of the brides, Christina. She is more of a reserved type of person and doesn’t seem interested in the half-naked men. She said it was weird being the only one that didn’t seem comfortable with the male strippers being all over the ladies and in their face.

It’s obvious there are some definite party type people and some people that are not comfortable with it. Let’s hope the experts did their matching well when it comes time to see each other. It does seem like Henry is going to be a good match for Christina. He was one of the less than excited ones at the party.

Will Christina and Henry be a match in Married at First Sight conservative heaven? Or will their relationship be a flame that dies out quickly because there’s no excitement? We’ll know what happens soon.

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