‘Married at First Sight’: Karen Sees Miles and Cries – Wants to Bail on Wedding

Married at First Sight: New Orleans spoilers say the weddings finally begin – and Karen (Miles Alexander‘s new bride) is in tears and not for a good reason. The popular Lifetime show is back with an all-new season. And, things get serious as the first three couples walk down the aisle. What else do teaser clips reveal?

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Three Couples Tie the Knot

Following the premiere episode of Married at First Sight with the bachelor and bachelorette party shenanigans, things get real as the first three couples get ready to marry as strangers. There’s a lot of hype leading up to the weddings. And, it’s always high drama when the marriage hopefuls see their future partners for the first time.

Married at First Sight spoilers say three of the five new couples say “I do” in the next episode. And, in addition to seeing their potential happily ever after for the first time, couples get to talk to each other and make a good first impression – hopefully. Meanwhile, they get to discover for the first time why the Married at First Sight experts matched them with the person in front of them.

MAFS New Orleans: Trouble at the Altar for Karen & Miles Alexander?

One of the major Married at First Sight storylines early is the drama surrounding Karen and new husband, Miles Alexander. Early season teasers show Karen freaking out when she discovers Miles’ identity and what he does for a living before their face-to-face reveal at the altar.

Married at First Sight spoilers show her visibly distraught over it. She says she doesn’t find her husband attractive.

Despite Miles Alexander being a very attractive man, Karen says that he isn’t her “type”. Moreover, even before her wedding day arrives, she has doubts about going through with the process.

Karen says in teasers that she could be making a “really big mistake”. In addition, she stands in front of Miles at the altar and apologizes as tears run down her face. So, there’s definitely a lot of drama heading into the latest episode.

Married at First Sight NOLA: Production Editing for Drama?

Lifetime hyped the Karen and Miles Alexander storyline as soon as they released the first teasers for the NOLA season. As veteran viewers know, MAFS heavily edits the trailers for maximum drama.

Married at First Sight leaks say three of the five couples stay together come Decision Day. So, that means two pairs go their separate ways. Will Karen go through with the marriage to Miles – especially given all the uncertainty she deals with?

For a lot of Married at First Sight fans, the marriages are the highlight of the season. And, with three couples marrying on the next episode of the Lifetime show, there’s a lot to dig into as they officially meet their spouses for the first time.

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