‘Married at First Sight’: Jacob Harder Creeps out MAFS Fans for Strange Reason

Married at First Sight‘s Jacob Harder has some Lifetime fans creeped out for a strange reason. Some are a little bothered about the age difference between Jacob and Haley. But the main thing is some viewers said he reminds them of a creepy cartoon.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder Not Into Haley?

Jacob Harder from MAFS didn’t show much sign of excitement when Haley walked up the aisle. In fact, fans said he looked very neutral throughout the whole process. After going through the vows, they got to spend some time alone—but it was still very stiff on Married at First Sight.

New husband Jacob asked Haley about her work. And they talked about some very shallow things, but it looked almost painful. Married at First Sight viewers think it could be because of their ten year age gap and lack of common interests.

When Haley and her Married at First Sight husband, Jacob Harder, got alone in the room, fans said he was putting off some weird energy. In fact, viewers said he put off some “Lord Farquaad” vibes. And that he was sending her mixed signals about his interest in her. You might remember Farquaad from the movie Shrek (see below).

However, after the wedding Jacob said that Haley was beautiful and was very into her. But, it was still awkward.

Married at First Sight: Jacob

Jacob Looking for a Big Nose – Strange MAFS Request

Fans thought Married at First Sight star Jacob Harder might have an issue with Haley. And that was because she lacked a big nose like he said he would like on his wife. Jacob said he had a big nose, so it would be nice if she had one too.

Jacob Harder didn’t give many other major points to the Married at First Sight producers. And fans hoped that he told the experts more than the nose thing when asking for his match. MAFS watchers thought it was terrible that he didn’t smile when Haley walked up the aisle and started seeing their relationship go downhill instantly.

Married at First Sight cast member Jacob’s family called him a “meathead.” And fans thought he might think he is too beefy for his new bride. But he did say that he felt an attraction to her despite his lack of showing it on the wedding episode.

Married at First Sight: Haley - Jacob

Married at First Sight: Rough Seas Ahead for Haley and Husband?

Some viewers watching Married at First Sight noted she seemed to drink a lot on her wedding day. Most people said that about Virginia as well. But some said too many people passed over Haley’s alcohol consumption. She drank while getting ready and kept sipping from her dad’s flask.

Fans said that Jacob Harder is more settled down at his dream house. Meanwhile, Haley wants to travel the world and do fun things. In fact, many people think that the Married at First Sight experts got this match very wrong. If their wedding day and night say anything about how the rest of things will go—it may not go well.

And watchers think Calvin Roberson and the other experts are losing their touch for some of the recent couple matchings. While they might not be as bad as the Chris and Paige situation, fans of MAFS think it’s a bad match. The wedding didn’t go well for Lord Farquaad either…

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