‘Married at First Sight’: Jacob Harder Makes Strange Ask of Future Wife Haley

Married at First Sight‘s Jacob Harder had some interesting tendencies, and fans worry about his match with Haley. Lifetime fans said one of the things that caught their attention was his strange ask for his new wife.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder Shares Interesting Requirement

Jacob Harder from Married at First Sight loves the 80s and only eats steak and eggs. This is definitely out of the normal, but he also said he wants a wife with a big nose. Jacob said he has more of an attraction to a wife with a large nose.ha

Married at First Sight husband Jacob Harder said he has a large nose, and he would like his wife to have a large nose too. Viewers said this was strange and that Haley doesn’t have a large nose. They wonder if this will cause problems in Jacob’s marriage to Haley.

Fans of Married at First Sight said another big problem that might come up is their age difference. He’s approaching 40, and Haley isn’t even 30 yet. Jacob Harder does seem a little more on the youthful side, so fans hope it will work itself out.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder - Haley

MAFS: Jacob and Haley for the Wedding Day

Getting picked to be on MAFS can be exciting, but fans aren’t sure Jacob is ready. He turned his backyard into a beach, and he likes wearing 80s clothing. In fact, his friends had to stop him from wearing a suit with a sparkly flower on it.

Married at First Sight star Jacob Harder does seem like he is ready to settle down. As a matter of fact, he said he realizes he is getting up in age. And that he wants to find someone that is the right match for him.

Viewers aren’t sure why they matched Jacob with Haley, but they hope that it works out. Both of them seem very nice, and fans don’t want to see them get a divorce. Even so, many people think the experts have gotten sloppy with their matches.

Married at First Sight: Haley - Jacob

Married at First Sight: Making Good Matches or was Haley Set Up for Failure?

Fans of Married at First Sight said that some of the matches seem good. But many notice there are usually at least two that are terrible train-wrecks. Many people think the producers are purely chasing ratings and don’t care about the cast.

Fans worry that Jacob Harder will keep up his weird diet, and Haley won’t be able to take it. One Married at First Sight fan commented that people should imagine having a spouse that only eats one thing. And suggested that it would get boring quickly and limit places to eat.

Whatever the case, viewers say they look forward to seeing Jacob see his wife for the first time. And wonder what he will say when he realizes she doesn’t have a huge nose.

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