‘Married at First Sight’: Atlanta Cast Revealed – MAFS Season 12

Married at First Sight‘s season 12 will hit the televisions in January. But Lifetime is giving fans a sneak peek of the cast of MAFS season 12’s cast.

Married at First Sight: Vincent & Briana Morris – Erik & Virginia

Vincent is an auto broker that marries an engineer named Briana Morris. Briana goes on three dates a week, but Vincent hopes she will be able to embrace his Dominican roots and settle down. Viewers shared their excitement to see an interracial couple.

Erik is a pilot by profession, but one of the things fans noticed most was that he is divorced. This is a unique situation and a first for the show, and viewers of Married at First Sight shared their happiness. Experts matched Erik with an accountant named Virginia.

With lots of firsts coming to the 12th season of Married at First Sight, fans can’t wait for it to come back on the air on January the 13th. But there will be two other specials before the actual start date, so fans can get some of their show during the month of December.

Married at First Sight: Vincent - Briana - Erik- Virginia

Chris Williams & Paige Banks – Jacob Harder & Haley –  Ryan Oubre & Clara Fergus

Married at First Sight Atlanta cast Paige said that her family has a “divorce curse.” But the goal is to break that curse and to have a good marriage. Paige Banks’ new husband’s name is Chris Williams, and he’s a finance manager by profession.

Haley is an account executive that has trust issues. The Married at First Sight wife said she is trying to overcome those trust issues. On the other hand, her new husband, Jacob Harder, is a senior IT analyst that wants to have kids soon. There is a 10-year age gap, and the two are very different, so it doesn’t look good for this MAFS couple.

Ryan Oubre is a project manager that has big plans for his new wife from Married at First Sight. This new husband wants to have a family. But experts matched him with flight attendant Clara Fergus that hasn’t voiced her desire for children.

Married at First Sight: Jacob - Haley - Chris - Paige - Ryan - Clara

Married at First Sight: Details of the Atlanta Season

Season 12 of Married at First Sight taped during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans shared their interest to see how different things would be. So far, it looks like there will be fewer people around for the event and a lot of testing to ensure no one gets sick due to the virus.

The wedding venue for these Married at First Sight spouses is none other than the Sundial at the top of Peachtree Plaza. This 70 story building has a rotating restaurant and is an icon of Atlanta. It used to be the tallest building in Atlanta, but even though other buildings rose taller, it’s still iconic.

These Married at First Sight weddings may be some of the most beautiful weddings despite the pandemic. The photos of the couples were by LaJoy Cox of LayJoy Photography and The First Look Photography. Viewers look forward to seeing how the newest season will turn out.

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