‘Married at First Sight’: New Season 9 Couples Introduced – Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr Pepper Return

Married at First Sight is gearing up for its ninth season with returning experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr Pepper Schwartz. The eighth season is barely in the books but the ride continues with the next chapter in the long-running franchise. This modern take on arranged marriages is ready to introduce all-new couples to the MAFS faithful. The next installment in the franchise shifts from Philadelphia to North Carolina. Who are these new couples?

Married at First Sight: Four New Couples Joining the Show

The first couple from Married at First Sight Season 9 is Keith Manley and Iris Caldwell. Keith Manley (27) wants to do marriage right. Like a lot of love hopefuls on the show, his parents have been together almost 30 years. In addition, his grandparents are going strong after over 50 years together. Keith is ready to become a father. But, will his new wife be onboard so soon after tying the knot? Keith’s MAFS partner is Iris Caldwell. Also 27, it looks like she wants to take things slower than her new husband. She’s a virgin and saving herself for marriage.

Elizabeth Bice is a 29-year-old free spirit. Just two years ago, it seems she was very far from wanting to settle down. She’s counting on that free-spirited nature to guide her through the Married at First Sight process. Maybe she will find balance with Jamie Thompson (35). Jamie Thompson wants to travel the world with his new bride and experience all it has to offer. He’s tired of the modern dating scene and hopes the experts set him up with an ideal match.

MAFS: Meet the Remaining Couples from the Upcoming Season

Gregory Okotie has a mathematical, science-driven mind. The 32-year-old hopes the odds are in his favor when it comes to who the experts matched him with. Deonna McNeill is ready to settle down and start a family. Distractify notes all the things she’s accomplished by 30. She’s traveled the world and owns her own home. In addition, she is successful in her career. It’ll be interesting to see if her match is what she needs to help her start the next phase of her life.

Matthew Gwynne is an international basketball player. Added to that, the 32-year-old may be the tallest cast member in Married at First Sight history. He’s abroad several months out of the year and that puts a strain on long-distance relationships. Amber Bowles is a 27-year-old looking for her very own Hallmark happy ending. Married at First Sight watchers will have to tune in to see if this match is a slam dunk.

Pastor Calvin Roberson Returns with Dr Pepper Schwartz

All-new couples and a new city aren’t the only things changing for Married at First Sight Season 9. Longtime MAFS expert Dr Jessica Griffin is no longer with the show. She left over her relationship with former MAFS hopeful Jon Francetic. Jon recently proposed to Dr Jessica and it seems the pair are stronger than ever.

There has been speculation regarding who would step in to fill the role Dr Jessica vacated. But, in the meantime, Married at First Sight followers can expect to see Pastor Calvin Roberson. Dr Pepper Schwartz will also be there to advise.

Catch the all-new season of Married at First Sight on June 12 at 9 pm only on Lifetime.

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