‘Married at First Sight’: First-Ever Annulment – Guess Who Got It?

Married at First Sight had its first-ever annulment. The idea of the show is to get married and have a long-lasting commitment – but it often doesn’t work and most pairs wind up divorced. However, one couple wound up getting off the hook in a most unusual way.

Married at First Sight: Michael Watson Claims Fraud

In what fans might see as true Michael Watson fashion, he can’t seem to take responsibility for his actions. In fact, Michael claims that the Married at First Sight production team set up him and his wife Meka Jones to fail. And Michael’s not willing to have a divorce on his record because of it.

According to Meka Jones, from Married at First Sight, during the virtual court hearing, Michael Watson said that he never watched the show before they were on it. In fact, Michael said someone cold-called him and he didn’t know what was happening.

When Michael Watson said it, the judge asked if the wedding to Meka looked real. The lawyer was quick to say that it did, but they only met that day. And that was when the mess began. But the judge still wasn’t sold on giving Meka Jones and Michael an annulment instead of divorce for their Married at First Sight union.

Married at First Sight: Michael Watson


Meka Jones Takes What She Can Get

Meka Jones, of Married at First Sight, said she didn’t care which legal end she got to her marriage to Michael. Instead, Meka said she would be more than happy with either so long as that it was over and done with and she can put it behind her.

The judge brought up the fact that they should have done a background check on Michael Watson. That’s because Meka said that Michael was the only one that committed fraud. And she said that’s because he allegedly lied about everything in his life on Married at First Sight.

Meka said the judge made a good point. It would have been nice if producers had done a better background check. Then, she said it would have been obvious to see that Michael Watson wasn’t honest about a lot of things. However, Married at First Sight and reality shows typically screen participants.

Married at First Sight: Meka Jones


Married at First Sight: Will Other Couples Get Annulments?

One MAFS watcher asked if this would make it possible for other couples that were on the show to get annulments. They asked if one couple (like Michael Watson and Meka Jones) could get it, why couldn’t another couple? For some couples on Married at First Sight, an annulment might be a more preferable outcome in a split,.

Whatever the case, this is a major moment in Married at First Sight history. At the beginning of the season, it’s made clear to viewers that the marriages are real, legal, and binding. And the track record on most seasons is more divorces than lasting unions at Decision Day.

And even pairs that last past Married at First Sight‘s Decision Day often divorce. Now, this is the first-ever annulment in US MAFS history. But you never know, maybe this is just the first of more to come. This season is sure to bring more ups and downs so stay tuned.

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