‘Married at First Sight’ Exclusive: Meka Jones Talks Filming – Dishes on Husband Michael Watson

Married at First Sight cast member Meka Jones is pairing up with husband Michael Watson on the upcoming season of the Lifetime show. Many MAFS viewers want to know more about this new batch of cast members ahead of the upcoming premiere. Meka spoke with SD in an exclusive interview. What did she reveal ahead of the brand new season?

Meka Jones Opens Up About Married at First Sight Journey with Michael Watson

Soap Dirt (SD): What was the scariest part about the MAFS process?

Meka Jones (MJ): The scariest part about Married at First Sight was all of the unknowns about my husband [Michael Watson]. I knew that I had been specific in the type of husband I wanted but not knowing what he’d be like, what he’d look like, what his hobbies would be, etc. It’s like I told the experts exactly what I wanted & for the two weeks after I was matched I just prayed the man at the end of the altar would be the man of my dreams.

SD: What’s the biggest takeaway you wish viewers watching at home knew?

Meka: All marriages require patience. Although we got married in an unconventional manner, we still go through the same stuff traditional marriages go through. Being Married at First Sight actually requires more patience than a traditional marriage because you haven’t had the time to get to know that person, discuss likes/dislikes, find out what makes your partner happy, etc. I just want viewers to know exactly how much patience Married at First Sight truly does demand. So please be patient – and kind – with us.

One thing I [Meka] wish Married at First Sight viewers knew about me that won’t be apparent is that I truly can be a patient person. I do have the ability to endure the beginning stages of a relationship where we don’t know everything about each other. The stage where we will get on each other’s nerves just because we don’t know what irritates/satisfies our partner. I’m not sure how well that all will come across in this process.

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MAFS: Meka Jones Reveals How the Show Changed Her

SD: What’s the best piece of advice a Married at First Sight expert gave you?

Meka: Some situations and people require that softer side of me. I typically am very assertive and direct but I need to learn when to show that sympathetic and gentle side, which I’ve felt in the past I couldn’t show. I’ve always had that side but I had sort of put up this tough exterior because that’s what that part of my life demanded. However, in a marriage, I need to be able to show my Married at First Sight husband [Michael] that gentle side so he knows I’m not all tough exterior.

I just wish I could’ve been asked more “why” questions. I think it would’ve been good for the Married at First Sight watchers to know the why’s behind what I do but more importantly it helps me to reflect on myself and how I handle certain situations.

SD: In what way has MAFS changed you?

MJ: MAFS has changed me in so many ways. I would say the biggest way Married at First Sight has changed me is just forcing me to look at myself and find out what things I need to work on. Going through the process exposes all of your flaws and it’s uncomfortable. However, growth only happens when a person is uncomfortable so by nature the process forces you to look at yourself and grow from it. I also learned how much patience goes into a marriage, and the strengths that I possess being a wife.

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Meka Talks First Impressions of Spouse Michael Watson

Meka Jones had a lot to say about love match Michael Watson. Especially when it comes to meeting and marrying a stranger for the first time on Married at First Sight. Interestingly, she told SD she didn’t find her new hubby “immediately attractive”. But, she went into the process with an “extremely open mind”. She said Michael Watson was “super sarcastic”. And, that rubbed her the wrong way. But, once she got to know him more, she understood his sense of humor.

One of the things they struggle with as a couple is communication. Meka Jones wants her husband to open up and trust her more. But, their different communication styles can sometimes make that difficult. Meka Jones prefers to deal with issues “in the moment”. But, Michael Watson likes to gather his thoughts and come back when calm. As a result, the Married at First Sight couple sometimes has difficulty finding “middle ground”.

Will They Make It on Married at First Sight?

One of the biggest questions for all Married at First Sight couples heading into a new season is whether or not they have what it takes to go the distance and make their marriage last. It’s clear Michael Watson and wife Meka Jones have their differences. But, they also have a lot working for them. Meka loves that her husband works with kids. And, that it’s something he is passionate about. She wants to have kids of her own one day. And, whether she has them with Michael in the future will be worth keeping an eye on.

Catch Meka Jones and Michael Watson on the brand new season of Married at First Sight, January 1 on Lifetime.

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