‘Married At First Sight’ Recap: ‘I Married a Stranger’ S10E03 – Last Two Couples Marry

Married at First Sight Recap for “I Married a Stranger” S10E03 the last two couples (Meka Jones & Michael Watson and Mindy Shiben & Zach Justice) finally get married.

Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben exchanged vows, but Mindy’s parents and younger sister declined to be a part of the wedding.

Both couples drank, danced and mingled at receptions. And then all the couples went to their suites for their first night as husband and wife. Let’s break down what happened in this recap. You can watch Married at First Sight Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight Recap: Michael Jones & Meka Watson Say “I Do”

It’s wedding day for Meka and Michael. Michael Watson is ready to take a leap of faith. Michael is 31 and his tag line on the show is “Mr. First To Get Married”. Michael was raised by his aunt because his mother died when he was 3. Michael thinks that his grandmother who has also passed would be excited for him. It’s an emotional moment for Michael as he talks to his Aunt Avis (who he considers his mom) before the wedding. She says he is sensitive but she is happy for him.

On this Married at First Sight recap, Meka Jones is getting the pre-wedding jitters. She is only 25 and considers herself ambitious. Meka is freaking out because she thinks her dress is too big. But her bridesmaids assure her she looks beautiful. Meka calms down and has a few words with her mom who is supportive.

Michael waits at the altar and Meka walks down the aisle escorted by her cousin Eric. The crowd goes wild as the couple see each other for the very first time.

The two seem to share genuine chemistry as they have their first conversation alone. Meka and her new husband Michael pose for pictures like any newlywed couple. The photographer coaches Michael on how to do a “dip”. Talks with family and friends go pretty well for the couple. Michael is a little surprised that she is only 25. And Meka is a little surprised that he wants to wait two years before having kids. Meka wants to have children after only a year. Nonetheless the two seem to hit it off at least for now on Married at First Sight.

Zach Justice & Mindy Shiben Exchange Vows

The last coupe to marry on this season of Married at First Sight are Zach Justice and his bride Mindy Shiben. Mindy’s tag on the show is “Miss Optimistic”. This is in spite of her going through some recent tough times. Including the death of one of her sisters. Her older sister Taj is there to support her. Although the rest of her immediate family is not. Taj shows Mindy a text from their dad. He does want Taj to send pictures. This makes Mindy emotional.

Zach Justice, who the show calls “The Fitness Fanatic” is surrounded by friends and family the day of the ceremony. His family thinks it’s crazy, but are supporting him nonetheless. Zach is handsome. He admits he’s had several relationships but nothing ended up working out long-term. He says most choices he makes in life flourish. So he thinks taking the risk of marrying a complete stranger will turn out well.

On Married At First Sight Mindy is clearly excited to see Zach at the altar and even mouths OMG he’s so handsome. The two exchange vows and Zach notices the empty seats where her family should be. During some brief alone time he asks why they aren’t there. Mindy explains they weren’t on board with the idea. But wants to save the full conversation for later. The two head to the reception for some drinking and dancing.

Married at First Sight Recap S10E03: The Couples Mix With Friends And Family

The Married At First Sight couples go through the motions that most newlyweds do. Drinking, dancing and mingling with family and friends. The difference here being they have never met these people before. For most things go pretty well. Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunkin married in the previous episode. She meets his mom and it goes very well. Taylor, whose name is “Miss Beauty and Brains” makes a good impression on her MAFS mother in law.

Derek Sherman, who married Katie Conrad, sits down with her dad at the reception. Something that’s usually done before proposing. However the two hit it off. Katie’s dad Dante says it “jives” and asks that he protect his daughter. Of course Derek says that he will.

Meanwhile two brides, Mindy and Jessica Studer meet up in the ladies room of the shared reception hall. Mindy calls Zach perfect. Jessica says she is pleased with her groom, Austin Hurd. However she’s not as over the moon as Mindy seems to be. Jessica can’t wait to see Zach.

On Married At First Sight, some of the questions get a little personal. Katie’s bridesmaids pull no punches when having a talk with her new hubby Derek Sherman about the wedding night. One of them seems to have indulged in a healthy amount of champagne lets him know he’s got to go all in. And mentions hair pulling and all that stuff. After all she points out there has to be that fire. Derek s a little embarrassed but appreciates the pointers.

Will They Or Won’t They: The Couples Settle In For Their First Night

On Married at First Sight, we see a montage of drinking, cake cutting and dancing. Followed by farewells complete with glow sticks and streamers. But what happens next when the couples are alone for the first time in their suites with a spouse they met only hours earlier? For the women, getting out of the dress seems to be a priority. But not necessarily for the obvious reasons. The guys seem to be playing it respectful and letting the ladies set the tone.

Of course some couples have more chemistry than others on that first night. Jessica jokingly makes a pillow barrier between her and Austin, but takes it down. Brandon and Taylor seem to be really enjoying themselves and Brandon admits he’s ready to be alone with his lovely wife. Mindy thinks Zach is smooth. And Derek and Katie seem to have no shortage of chemistry in the bedroom. Tune in to Married At First Sight Wednesdays at 8 PM on Lifetime to see who did and who didn’t.

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