‘Married at First Sight’ Exclusive: Chris Williams Evicted [See Pics]

Married at First Sight’s Chris Williams was hit with an eviction earlier today, as we’ve confirmed. Local Sheriff’s deputies dumped everything not attached to the walls out in front of the building this morning where he’s setup his Subway franchise.

See photos below of the location and equipment that was tossed out. Soap Dirt sent a reporter to the scene to investigate and we’ve got the exclusive.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams’ Subway Franchise Goes Under

As previously reported by Soap Dirt, Chris Williams’ lost his Subway franchise. Chris opened the sandwich shop in Marietta, Georgia in October 2019. At first, it appeared it fell victim to the pandemic of 2020. However, new allegations say the business was already in trouble well before early-2020 when COVID restrictions decimated many local businesses.

Chris Williams’ Subway shop sits empty, and as of yesterday it appeared as if it could open any day. The shelves are even stocked with sodas and water as you can see from a picture taken by a Soap Dirt photographer. However, today… that all changed.

Married At First Sight: Chris Williams - Subway - Evicted

Married at First Sight husband Chris Williams started his business just months before the COVID 19 pandemic spiked in the state. Georgia initially shut down most restaurants and drastically limited operations.

If Only There Was a Drive Thru

However, fast food places with drive thru windows were able to stay open.

Unfortunately, Subway doesn’t offer that option. We reported that Chris’ business went under.  Now, it seems local authorities and the landlord took things to the next level to kick his business out of its location.

Subway Employee Spills Tea on Business Practices

We also reported allegations from an alleged former Subway employee that worked for Married at First Sight groom Chris Williams. According to the former employee, Chris’ business lost money pretty quickly after it opened. The location closed in March 2020, roughly six months after it opened. According to the source, she alleged one big problem was that Chris never showed up there.

The source also said Subway corporate was upset at Chris Williams’ handling of the store. According to the source, he never made a single payment on his franchise fee, aside from the initial down payment to get the franchise deal. The source also said Married at First Sight husband Chris left a lot to be desired as a boss.

Other allegations about Chris included that he screamed at employees and kept the location understaffed. The source also said most of the team quit due to the Married at First Sight cast member’s behavior. Now, things are in the end-stage with this eviction. The only thing left inside the business, as you can see from the photos, are the counters and wall menus.

Married At First Sight: Chris Williams - Subway - Evicted

Married at First Sight: Deputies Evict Chris Williams from Business

Earlier today, the deputies were at MAFS Chris Williams’ Subway to carry out the eviction. Soap Dirt confirmed with a rep from the county that the eviction was court ordered. They removed all equipment they could including bread baking machines, Subway branded promotional materials, trashcans, tables, chairs, racks, and more.

Talking to local business owners, Soap Dirt was told stories of the police carting out thousands of dollars worth of equipment and fixtures. Then they watched as people drove by (some in trailers) filling up their vehicles with the items in the parking lot.  The witnesses we talked to said they didn’t think any of the people hauling off the items were Chris Williams. All were surprised to hear he’s now a reality star on MAFS.

Other People Took Away Chris’ Expensive Equipment

When Soap Dirt arrived, there was just a small pile of Subway branded boxes, broken chairs and some trash. And a green trash can. Along with some men in a trailer taking away some filing cabinets.

Just a few items from what was thousands of dollars worth of items that Chris lost in a matter of hours.

MAFS: Chris Williams - Subway - Disposed

The Married at First Sight groom’s business now sits almost totally abandoned.

It’s been nearly a year since Chris’ business went under. So why did the landlord wait until now to evict the Married at First Sight spouse from the site? Along with COVID came moratoriums on evictions for residential tenants. However, commercial renters didn’t get the same relief in Georgia. But what’s delayed business evictions like the one for Chris Williams’ Subway location is a court backlog.

With many Georgia courts shut down and on limited sessions with coronavirus, it’s harder to get an eviction case before a judge. Now, it seems this case came up. And deputies threw out everything they could from Chris Williams’ eatery into the parking lot. We’ve got more info coming on this MAFS mess. Stay tuned.

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