‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams Subway Closed – But He Started 3 More Companies

Married at First Sight groom Chris Williams talks a lot about his success and fat bank account, but it looks like he suffered a setback months ago. We discovered that, like many others during the pandemic, he shuttered a business. Here is a look at the ups and downs of Chris over the past year including the closing of his Subway franchise and the start of other enterprises.

Married at First Sight Shock: Chris Williams’ Subway Closed

Chris Williams, one of the cast of Married at First Sight, went from being homeless to the youngest Subway owner in Atlanta. That’s a far cry from his struggle being homeless for some months in 2018. During that time, Chris slept in his car, studied, and eventually landed a job as a Finance Manager with what he says was a hefty salary.

From there, Chris raised $120,000 and launched a Subway franchise. His sandwich shop opened at the busy intersection of Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Road in East Cobb, a suburb of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia. He cut the ribbon to open it in October 2019. But the timing turned out to be terrible with the coming pandemic.

Just a few months after Married at First Sight‘s Chris Williams opened his franchise, the virus spread and things went into lockdown. That left many small businesses struggling. Now, Chris’ Subway location sits closed (see picture below). You can also see below a banner at the shopping center, encouraging customers to please come by.

Married At First Sight: Chris Williams Subway

Chris Williams dissolved that Georgia corporation in October 2020, barely a year after the Subway opened. Despite a successful start to his franchise, Chris couldn’t foresee this pandemic. The Married at First Sight star’s shop closed Fall of 2020, and all signage is stripped. The location is now closed. But, looking inside, it appears as if it could easily be opened again with the exception of tables and chairs. There are still even soda bottles and water on display.

Married At First Sight: Chris Williams - Subway

The Subway closing came in the wake of local lockdowns and operating restrictions.


MAFS Star Started Three Businesses – COVID Rebound?

In the wake of his Subway franchise shuttering, Married at First Sight star Chris Williams started three other businesses. In November 2020, a month after the sandwich shop shuttered, Chris launched a real estate company, a freight dispatching business, and a third unspecified for-profit corporation.

It looks like Chris Williams was shooting Married at First Sight while setting up these new businesses, given the timing. The freight dispatching company owned by Chris Williams specializes in scheduling loads and assisting self-employed truckers. Plus, he created an umbrella company at the same time. It seems MAFS star Chris has been busy, indeed.

The Married at First Sight husband has been busy over the past 18 months. He opened then closed one business, got engaged, split, and signed up for MAFS. All that was in the lead-up to filming. Shortly after the wedding, Chris Williams reportedly tells his new wife Paige Banks that he’s got a baby on the way with his ex. That hasn’t aired yet — although the info leaked a while ago.

Many Fans see Chris as the Villain of Married at First Sight Atlanta

Every season of MAFS seems to have someone cast (and edited) to look the villain. And it seems many fans placed Chris Williams in that role. Some comments call him out for his ego and others didn’t like his expectations of a wife. Chris hopping from ending an engagement to marrying a stranger has Married at First Sight viewers wondering how that went down.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

Plus, Chris Williams’ constant mentions of finances struck viewers as abrasive. Critics believe Chris is narcissistic, and fan reaction was harsh when he spoke on children as a way to “replicate himself.” Leaked video of his alleged early 2020 engagement prompted outrage. And with Married at First Sight recruiting coming months prior to filming, many fans see that as a huge red flag.

As Season 12 of Married at First Sight continues, we will see how Chris looks to viewers. Will he get the villain edit? Alums on the past villain list include Zach Justice, Molly Duff, Brandon Reid, and Luke Cuccurullo, among others. For now, we confirmed Chris Williams’ Subway franchise closed. And it looks like it shuttered just after filming began.

The weddings reportedly happened in August 2020 at Atlanta’s Peachtree Plaza. And he closed the doors of his Subway in October 2020.

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