‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams’ Subway in Trouble from the Start? Threats, Liens & More

Married at First Sight leaks reveal that Chris Williams‘ Subway sandwich shop was in trouble from the very start. Way before the pandemic started.

Soap Dirt has obtained details and documents from a leaker. Our source reveals documents regarding threats and liens against the business.

So, Chris Williams may not be as prosperous as he portrays himself on Married at First Sight.

Chris Williams’ Subway Franchise Agreement Violations

Soap Dirt was provided documents that show the Subway Franchise Chris Williams owns was in trouble with Subway officials. The letter, leaked to us, shows several franchise agreement violations were noted in the ‘Default of Franchise Agreement’ letter drafted and sent by Subway.

Married at First-Sight - Chris Williams - Subway Default

Married at First Sight Chris Williams’ business venture looks to have gone awry from the very start. While the store’s failure was blamed on COVID, was it doomed even before then?

The letter from ‘Subway Franchise World Headquarters’ addressed to Married at First Sight celeb Christopher Williams II indicates several areas lacking compliance. These problem areas violate his franchise agreement and could be grounds for Subway taking away his store.

Chris signed the Franchise Agreement on September 3, 2019. The MAFS’ star opened the doors for business in October 2019. Subway HQ send a letter dated November 22, 2019, listing numerous compliance issues.

Married at First Sight Chris Williams uses his status as a “restaurant owner” to make himself look successful on the show, but is it true?

This information shows his store may not be as successful as he likes viewers to believe. The Notice of Default problems includes:

  • Pest Control
  • Product Quality
  • Product Preparation
  • Cleanliness Interior & Exterior
  • Equipment
  • Decor/Design/Signage

These violations stem from an inspection performed barely a month after the business opened under Chris Williams’ name.

 Married at First Sight’s Chris Receives Final Notice of Tax Lien

The Georgia Department of Labor sent a Final Notice of Intent to File a Tax Lien to Ashland Ave LLC. This is the name Married at First Sight’s Chris Williams’ Subway is registered under. The letter indicates a Statement of Delinquency was mailed out earlier, but no reply was received. The Final Notice mailed out to Chris’ Subway is dated January 22, 2020.

The tax lien reveals missing reports and/or unpaid taxes are due immediately on Chris Williams’s Subway Franchise. The letter gives the Married at First Sight personality ten days to pay the debt in full. Otherwise, a tax lien will be filed by the Department of Labor. The MAFS villain of Season 12 seems to be out of compliance with the Department of Labor and Subway HQ.

Soap Dirt reporters recently spoke to a former co-worker who said Chris never made any franchise payments. The source also claims Chris Williams wouldn’t show up to work and that Corporate was upset.

Deadlines Have Passed for Married at First Sight Star

Subway and the Department of Labor gave Chris Williams 60 days to fix the problems. This would be roughly February 2020 to comply. We reported that the Married at First Sight star closed the business in March 2020.

The State sends a tax lien threat first. Later, they send Chris Williams a Final Notice of Intent to File a Tax Lien. The final notice gives ten days from the letter’s date, January 22nd 2020, to pay any outstanding debts.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

It was previously believed that perhaps COVID is why Chris of MAFS Season 12 closed his doors. But the timing of these letters and the doors to Chris Williams’ Subway closing indicate that is perhaps not the reason.

On February 3rd 2020, the Cobb County Sheriff’s office showed up and evicted Chris from his Subway store (that had never reopened). Thousands of dollars worth of equipment was put out onto the parking lot and scooped up by people driving by.

If Chris never made any payments on his shop as claimed, then perhaps that, coupled with the lack of compliance to the franchise agreement and the apparent unpaid taxes, is the real reason Chris’ Subway business is no longer open.

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