‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams Allegations – Co-Worker Spills Tea

Married at First Sight‘s Chris Williams came under fire during MAFS season 12. But it seems that he did some things before coming on the show that are worth a look as well.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Tea Drops

Chris Williams didn’t gain many fans on the first couple of episodes of Married at First Sight. But some of his friends defended him and said people couldn’t see the “real him.” Despite these defenses, some Lifetime watchers don’t buy that he’s a nice guy.

Recently a former co-worker spilled the tea on MAFS husband Chris. She said he bought the subway store in October of 2019 with outside financial help. In fact, Chris Williams did mention that it’s surprising to find out how much money your family has and that they can help.

The former co-worker said that they started losing money quickly and went under in March of 2020. As a matter of fact, she said he didn’t pay another penny on top of the down money. The source said that the Married at First Sight hubby Chris Williams’ store went under because he wouldn’t show up and that corporate was very upset.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Chris Accused of Horrible Behavior

The lady said that Chris Williams from Married at First Sight was very fake. She said he bragged about money a lot but couldn’t afford to make a monthly payment on a Subway. But the drama with Chris didn’t stop at the storefront.

Chris’ former co-worker said he showed up at a female employee’s house late at night to get keys. But that she wouldn’t open the door because her boyfriend wasn’t there. She had worked 15 days in a row because Chris Williams wouldn’t hire anyone else to work—and it seems like she didn’t feel safe.

Married at First Sight fans shared their shock to learn that Chris was accused of screaming at the employee. And he also called the cops on a 16-year-old worker that wanted to quit, according to this same lady. And she went on to describe him as “slimy.”

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Married at First Sight: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Chris Williams blocked this lady’s number, according to what she said. And put all of his accounts online to private after these things took place. One person she knew said that they hadn’t even seen the worst of Chris from Married at First Sight yet.

The previous co-worker said that Chris gave 500 subs to his church one day. And made a staff member come in to prep all of them without any help. And proceeded to get angry when the order wasn’t on time.

Viewers shared their outrage and said they felt horrible for Paige Banks. And that it would have been easy to do some research to find out what type of husband Chris Williams would turn out to be.

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