‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams’ Timeline Points to COVID Baby & MAFS Overlap?

Married at First Sight Chris Williams‘ timeline between breaking up with his ex and starting the show is very tight. Was there an overlap or not? Chris married Paige Banks on the show this week, but there is more to come with his complicated MAFS situation.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams’ COVID Quarantine Time-frame

Chris met his ex, Mercedes, and started dating her in October 2019. By February  2020, Chris Williams was engaged to her. The selection process for Married at First Sight started in March 2020.

Allegedly, Chris Williams and his ex were dating through the selection process in the Spring of 2020. By June, the two had been bitten by the COVID bug, and social media points to them being quarantined together. It could be that Chris broke up with her soon after quarantine as filming started on MAFS in early Summer.

Whether Chris knew he had a baby on the way or not when filming started remains to be seen. But promos for the MAFS show he definitely knew during filming because he must tell his new wife Paige about it. Will Paige Banks ask for a divorce on Decision Day? That remains to be seen as the season unfolds.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - fiancee Mercedes

MAFS‘ Paige Banks’ Hubby Reveals Past Fiance After Wedding

The timing suggests Chris was engaged at the end of June 2020 and wed Paige Banks on Married at First Sight by the end of August. Paige Banks learns about the ex just minutes after marrying Chris Williams when he reveals he got a tattoo to cover up his ex’s name on his wrist. Talk about a show stopper; Paige feels she is being compared with Mercedes and wonders about Chris’ motives.

Chris and Paige have several things in common. MAFS star Paige is a part-time realtor, and he’s into flipping houses. Chris Williams sent her an infinity card, and Paige Banks has an infinity tattoo on her wrist. Paige seems a little put-out at the news of his previous engagement, but will it be a deal-breaker for her?

Fans of the show think Chris is a player and wonder if Paige will get hurt. MAFSfan revealed a Married at First Sight spoiler that Chris Williams finds out about the baby after he and Paige Banks are wed, and the ex will make an appearance in some fashion in a future show. Fans speculate otherwise and think he may have known about the baby before filming began.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks-Chris Williams

Married at First Sight: Chris’ Baby Due Date Coming Soon?

According to social media, Chris Williams and his ex quarantined together in June due to COVID. Now we know she’s expecting a baby, which may be due as soon as March 2021, according to sources. MAFS hasn’t aired Paige Banks’ reaction to the baby news yet. Lifetime’s social experiment is certainly full of drama with this couple.

Paige’s bridesmaids ask Chris about his past, and he admits he was engaged until about “three months ago.” With weddings filming in the last days of August, he implied he split with her in late May, but the June quarantine rumor may contradict his statement. Married at First Sight Season 12 villain Chris Williams says he went through a healing process, and Paige Banks may be the woman he needs, but not the woman he wanted. He admits he’s not 100% attracted to her but says she’s beautiful in her own way.

Between Chris’ expectations of a wife and his excessive focus on finances, Paige Banks has a lot to live up to. Paige is ready to meet the man of her dreams. But is Chris Williams that man? Paige will have to overcome a lot of baggage if this relationship lasts.

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