‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams Calls for Dr. Pepper Schwartz to Retire

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams said he would fire back if people fire on him. And he’s talking about Dr. Pepper Schwartz and her statement about how “offensive” his behavior on the Lifetime show is.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams’ Now-Deleted Post

Chris Williams is big on respect, as we’ve seen on Married at First Sight. And it seems like he thinks Dr. Pepper Schwartz disrespected him through a statement she made. Dr. Pepper said his behavior was offensive, and she took responsibility for a “bad call.”

Married at First Sight husband Chris didn’t think he was as bad as people made it out to be. Chris Williams said Dr. Pepper Schwartz shouldn’t have called him “that man.” He also said she acted like he “f’d up” her impeccable track record.

Chris Williams from MAFS said she had been an expert since day one, and only 30% of people she matches stay together. He pointed out that her divorce rate was 30% worse than the national average divorce rate of 50%.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Chris Continues to Spew Anger at Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams said if 27 out of 39 people stayed in a marriage, that means there were 27 “bad calls” from Dr. Pepper. He went on to say that “maybe it was time to retire” because a change is needed. Chris said everyone sees the need for a change except for her.

Fans of MAFS said that it was obvious Chris didn’t want to take responsibility for the things he did wrong. And they thought it was funny that he wanted privacy when he went on a reality show. But many people said they doubted he thought people would find out his secret.

In fact, many Married at First Sight viewers think Chris Williams knew about the baby on the way. And some even think Dr. Pepper Schwartz and the team should have dug deeper to find out if he had any secrets. Whatever the case, Chris didn’t pull any punches with how he felt about Dr. Pepper.

Married at First Sight: Viviana Coles - Pepper Schwartz - Calvin Roberson

Dr. Pepper Regrets Paige Banks’ Match

Married at First Sight expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz said she wished they didn’t match Paige Banks with Chris Williams. She said his actions were unacceptable and that no one gave Chris a pass. In fact, she said they tried to help, but he wouldn’t take their advice.

Pastor Cal Roberson of Married at First Sight said they gave Paige and out. But that she wanted to stay and see if the marriage would work. Other fans said they couldn’t believe she would want to continue in the marriage.

Many people watching Married at First Sight said they wanted to scream at Paige to leave Chris. But it didn’t seem to work out that way despite what others said they would do.

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