‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams Oversells His ‘Restaurant’?

Married at First Sight‘s Chris Williams said that he was a successful restaurant owner. But when it came out what type of a restaurant he owned, some Lifetime fans thought he misrepresented his work.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams – Youngest Subway Franchise Owner

Fans of Married at First Sight started to tear Chris Williams down. They found out that the restaurant he owns is a Subway franchise. And they said it sounded more like he started his own restaurant vs. saying that he owned a successful franchise.

Married at First Sight star Chris was proud to tell about his business. And he even mentioned that he went from being homeless to a successful businessman. Viewers agree that it is still impressive, but they do wish he would have been more specific.

Chris Williams’ Subway is in a nice part of Atlanta in East Cobb, and they just had a relaunch recently. Being able to go from homeless and showering at local gyms to a successful franchisee should get more than a nod from critics and fans alike. The Married at First Sight husband said he had to make some tough choices to get to where he is today but that he wants to find a wife that will be a part of a power couple.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Chris Williams Continues to Seek Success

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams said he is serious about success. In fact, he said that he wants his wife to come along with him. He said it was something like a business arrangement.

Chris went on to say that your last name is your brand. Viewers said that the Married at First Sight season 12 cast member does seem successful. And wonder if he will be okay with Paige Banks being as successful or even more successful than him.

Viewers of Married at First Sight have mixed feelings about how the couple will work out. But what they do know is that Chris values success. After spoilers from SD, some fans think that the marriage will end badly since he is having a baby with his ex.

Married at First Sight: Chris

Married at First Sight: Impressive Background

Chris Williams came from a ministry background with his dad being a preacher. In fact, he said that he was a preacher for a while, but learned there wasn’t a lot of money in it. Married at First Sight celebrity Chris was in the military but left early and also didn’t have the money to go to school.

Chris from MAFS worked selling cars for a while, took classes in finance, and then moved to Miami. When he moved to Miami, that is when he became homeless. He said that he had a great mentor in Raphael Saye that helped him figure out the ropes of business.

He became a finance manager and used that to increase the money he had to invest in the Subway franchise. Chris, from Married at First Sight, encouraged others to self-educate and find their own path in life.

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