‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Chris Williams Scandal Erupts – Paige Banks Floored by Baby Bomb

Married at First Sight spoilers indicate Chris Williams drops devastating news on Paige Banks – and the group of MAFS couples. A scandal that has never touched the Lifetime show before will be revealed this week. Chris tests the core of his relationship with Paige with this announcement that shocks the entire cast.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Shocks Paige Banks

Paige Banks and Chris Williams have not been without drama on Season 12 of Married at First Sight. From his very pointed questions on their wedding day to the news of his recent ex-fiancee, just minutes after saying their vows, there has been plenty to keep viewers entertained. Now, Chris has another bit of explosive news to drop on Paige. The rest of the cast has plenty of advice to offer the newlyweds.

Married at First Sight groom Chris tells Paige Banks and the others that his ex-fiancee is pregnant. Erik Lake faces off with Chris Williams and tells him if he wants a relationship with Paige, he needs to focus on that right now. But, Virginia Coombs wants to know if he’s sure the baby is his. And Clara Fergus is heartbroken on Paige’s behalf and angry at Chris for putting her in this situation, to begin with.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks

MAFS: Paige Reacts to a Shocking Revelation

Paige Banks is rendered speechless from such devastating news by Chris Williams on Married at First Sight. She has plenty of support from the other castmembers. Clara feels this is a horrible situation, while Briana Morris and Vincent Morales hold each other close as they hear the announcement. On MAFS, Paige nods in agreement as Erik confirms they are here for support.

Paige takes blow after blow after marrying Chris Williams on the Lifetime experiment. Mere minutes after they spoke their vows, he revealed he was engaged a few months ago. Then, after their Married at First Sight wedding night, Chris said he is not attracted to her, even after consummating their marriage. Paige Banks says she may have to walk away after this latest revelation.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Chris Crying Again on Married at First Sight

Chris Williams called the question of whether the baby is his offensive. He tells MAFS star Erik Lake that it would be more supportive if they’d respect his and Paige’s privacy. Then, Chris walks away from the group talk, much as he did with Paige after their Married at First Sight wedding night. He disappeared the morning after their wedding for about two hours before returning to their suite. The spoiler ends with Chris alone, hunched over, and sounds of crying.

He also cried after Paige Banks returned from the Married at First Sight brunch with his parents where she asked for advice as to his actions on their wedding night. Chris Williams felt disrespected and got into an argument with her. She mentions he has problems with a lot of things and Chris resorts to tears. Ultimately Paige Banks decided to give their relationship a chance, but will this new information drive her away?

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