‘Married at First Sight’: Paige Banks Meets Chris Williams’ Ex Face-to-Face?

Married at First Sight‘s Paige Banks got a big slap in the face right after her marriage to Chris Williams. If it wasn’t bad enough that Chris acted like a jerk to her after their wedding, he also dropped the baby bomb on Paige.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks Meets Chris Williams’ Baby Mama

Paige Banks of Married at First Sight took Chris Williams’ baby news like a champion. Chris took her into the bathroom and told her in private. And when she came out, she mostly had it together and did what she could to stay calm.

After Paige talked with Briana Morris about what took place, everyone thought she would leave MAFS. But they were in Las Vegas, so it seems like they at least play out that part of things. After that, Chris spoke with his baby’s mama on the phone, and she cussed about his new wife.

As it turns out, Married at First Sight production set it up so that the baby’s mother would come on the Lifetime show. In fact, Paige Banks and Chris Williams’ ex will meet face to face on the Lifetime show. Fans said that sounds like a cruel thing to do to Paige and that she should leave right away.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams-Paige Banks

Paige Is Understanding with Chris Williams

Married at First Sight fans said they couldn’t believe how kind and understanding Paige Banks was with Chris. And if it were them, they would leave right away and be done with things. Paige did say that she didn’t have any ties to Chris and that it wouldn’t hurt her to leave.

On the other hand, Paige Banks of Married at First Sight said that she made vows and wanted to stick by them. Chris Williams told her that she was very important to him. And that he would even put her ahead of his unborn child.

Married at First Sight wife Paige did her best to be kind and caring. But Chris didn’t want her to console him and try to make him feel better. In fact, he acted very defensive and almost fought with fellow cast members.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

Married at First Sight: Almost In a Fight

Chris Williams of Married at First Sight said he wanted people to stay out of his business. Fans said that was a weird thing to say being on reality TV. Erik Lake wanted to be helpful and talk about it with Chris. But he had no interest in the help Erik offered.

Erik doesn’t normally drink much, and his wife, Virginia Coombs, had him knocking down shots. Some Married at First Sight watchers believe Erik Lake’s drinking could be because he kept butting in with Chris and Paige. The conversation almost came to blow when Chris Williams got ready to take things to physical blows.

Married at First Sight wives Paige and Virginia had to separate the two husbands. And fans said they felt so bad for what Paige Banks had to deal with in Chris Williams.

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