‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Paige Banks Walks Away from Chris Williams

Married at First Sight spoilers show Paige Banks leaving another conversation with Chris Williams. Paige has shown more patience than fans think her husband deserves. Is their marriage over for good?

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Paige Banks Says She’s Done

Married at First Sight spoilers show Paige Banks and her husband Chris Williams having a discussion. In their last meeting, where Paige met Chris Williams’ ex-fiancee, Mercedes Myrick, it was Chris who stormed off. His ex-fiancee and wife discussed the pregnancy timeline, and Chris chewed his lip and avoided eye contact before walking out. But the MAFS preview for this week shows a different outcome.

Paige and Chris meet in what looks like a patio, perhaps at a restaurant. Chris Williams says he’s afraid he might be happy, and he might fall in love. Paige heard something similar in the last episode when Chris whispered that he was afraid of falling in love with her. Paige Banks merely purses her lips and walks away, saying, “I’m done.” She gathers her purse and walks out, leaving Married at First Sight husband Chris all alone.

Perhaps viewers of Married at First Sight will get their wish for Paige Banks to leave Chris Williams for good.  Fans said Paige considers staying with her husband. But ultimately, they believe she splits from Chris. Some followers of the Lifetime series think the drama has dragged on for too long already.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks

MAFS: Paige Finally Said Her Piece

Last week’s airing of Married at First Sight showed Paige finally telling Chris she was through trying. Chris Williams’ wife has suffered plenty at his hands, according to fans. But when Paige Banks was talking to Mercedes Myrick, Chris’ ex-fiancee, he got upset.

Chris Williams called Paige Banks rude and disrespectful while she carried on a civil conversation with his ex-fiancee. Mercedes defended his wife and confirmed she was quite respectful under the circumstances. Chris said he had been honest with Paige from the beginning of their Married at First Sight journey. Many MAFS fans disagree with him and have not been shy saying so.

Paige Banks ignored Chris and described her interactions with him to Mercedes.  She even said their Married at First Sight relationship “no longer serves” her. Chris interrupted by speaking over her about ordering food. When Mercedes chastised him by telling him he wasn’t cute, Chris got up and left even though he was the one who wanted the meeting between the two women.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Chris Williams Can’t Take the Heat on Married at First Sight

Chris Williams of Married at First Sight showed over and over that when things get tough, he walks out. Paige Banks said in a recent episode she needs a husband who’s going to be there for her during hard times. Chris hasn’t yet shown himself to be that man, in her words. Paige did say she’s not a man, and she doesn’t know how she would handle the pregnancy situation if she were, but the whole timeline is confusing.

During the honeymoon, Chris disappeared for a couple of hours the morning after the wedding. Chris Williams told his Married at First Sight new wife, Paige Banks, he was heading down for breakfast, but he didn’t come back for a few hours. When he did return, he told her he isn’t attracted to her. They already consummated the marriage, which made Paige question his actions. When he found out his wife asked his parents for an explanation, he got angry with her and said she disrespected him.

When family and friends get a chance to talk with the couples on Married at First Sight, Chris’ friend, Pastor Dwight, told him his wife should be more important than anyone else, even the mother of his unborn child. Dwight called Paige Banks a “diamond” and said Chris should consider Paige and her feelings before deciding to divorce. Chris looked at his phone and said the conversation was over.

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