‘Married at First Sight’: Season 12 Bombshell – Pregnant Ex Ruins MAFS Pair?

Married at First Sight‘s season 12 has a big bombshell that drops early on for couple Chris Williams and Paige Banks. It’s reported that he has an ex that is pregnant, and it looks like the MAFS pair might be in trouble.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams & Paige Banks’ Marriage in Trouble Early On

Fans heard that someone was pregnant on Married at First Sight. But no one knew who it was that was pregnant and if they were even on the show. Recently MAFSfan said that Chris Williams’ ex-fiance is carrying his baby, and his new wife didn’t find out until after the wedding.

Married at First Sight fans freaked out when they heard there was a pregnancy involved. And it sounds like Chris Williams might have known about the pregnancy before he entered into the new marriage. And Lifetime viewers think that might be a big problem throughout season 12.

In fact, it looks like Chris and Paige might began the season shooting MAFS together,. but may have split up to tape separately. Whatever the case, fans think this season of Married at First Sight will be a wild one.

Married at First Sight: Chris - Paige

New Twist on Season 12

The pandemic made the end of last season of Married at First Sight drag out. But now, producers are ready for how they have to tape. And they added an interesting new twist to the show.

Married at First Sight watchers split in half about how they feel about this new addition to the show. The addition is that of the blindfolds for when the ladies walk up the aisle. Some people think it is a little cheesy, but others think it is a good idea.

No matter what viewers think, one of the brides didn’t feel confident about walking the aisle with a blindfold. And some folks watching Married at First Sight worried someone would trip walking around in big dresses without being able to see. Whatever the case, it does look like it will add something new and interesting.

Married at First Sight: Chris

Married at First Sight: Will Chris & Paige Make for Good TV?

Many people that watch Married at First Sight said last season was their favorite. The experts did a great job at matching the couples. And many people aren’t sure that this season will be able to catch the viewer’s attention as much. But with Paige Banks and Chris Williams’ pregnancy story line, this season should have lots of drama.

Despite MAFS fans and their doubts, some people think it will be as good. The pregnancy news, the first-ever divorcee, and the pandemic taping requirements might be enough to pull it off. And viewers look forward to the first episode of the show airing in January.

Last season three of the five couples stayed together. And watchers wonder if the experts can top their success record this go around.

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