‘Married at First Sight’: Chris’ Ex-Fiancee Gives Thumbs Down to Getting Back Together

Married at First Sight cast member Chris Williams arranged for his ex-fiancée and current wife Paige Banks to meet to “clear the air.”  Also, Chris shuts down when confronted with his behavior by his own friends. Is Paige finally done with this relationship?

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Wants to Clear the Air

Chris Williams set up a face-to-face meeting with Paige Banks, and his ex-fiancée Mercedes to clear the air. But, when they all sat down together, the Married at First Sight husband didn’t say a word to get the conversation started. After an awkward silence, Paige finally speaks up and asks Mercedes how far along she is in her pregnancy? Seven weeks, which seems to match the timeline Chris gave when he found out about the baby.

Paige Banks tells viewers that one of the reasons she agreed to this Lifetime MAFS conference is she feels it’s time to take back some of the power she allowed Chris to have over her.  Chris Williams finally speaks up and says he wanted them to have a chance for clarity on the situation since Paige is his spouse and Mercedes is his unborn child’s mother.

At one point near the end, Paige Banks confesses she feared she might have been pregnant also. Mercedes whips her head around to look at Chris, who refuses to meet her gaze. He says when asked that he never considered that his wife might have been pregnant. Mercedes tells Paige, regardless of what Chris Williams might have said on Married at First Sight about them getting back together, she, Mercedes, does not intend for that to happen.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks

Paige Fires Back on MAFS

Paige Banks stands up for herself in this week’s episode of Married at First Sight. She acknowledges the power she gave to Chris Williams since their marriage, and she believes it’s time to take that power back from him. She tells Mercedes that she got the short end of the stick in this situation. She says to Mercedes her intentions were pure, and she thinks she got robbed of an experience.

Chris states his intentions were pure as well, and Paige purses her lips together and doesn’t respond. Paige points out that he told her that things didn’t work out between him and Mercedes but then said he still has feelings for her, which makes his intentions questionable. Paige says how Chris Williams handled the entire situation on Married at First Sight is underhanded.

Chris Williams accuses his wife of being rude as he checks his phone and tries to talk over her about getting some food. Ex-fiancée Mercedes defends Paige and tells Chris she’s not rude and that she is actually very respectful considering the circumstances. Paige confirms that her MAFS relationship with him no longer serves her, and she’s at peace with that decision.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Married at First Sight: Chris Walks Away From Conflict

Chris Williams met with Pastor Dwight and friend Mikael and told them he’s asked for a divorce from Paige Banks. A Married at First Sight flashback from Mikael shows him telling Chris not to bring old baggage into his marriage. Pastor Dwight tells him he needs to learn commitment.  And he needs to consider Paige and her feelings in this situation. Chris checks out of the conversation and begins looking at his phone before covering his face with his hand and says he’s done.

Chris tells Paige he’s doing this because he doesn’t want to play with her emotions. Paige says she hears what he says, and Chris Williams interrupts her and says his actions back up his words. But when he explains, he says, “I’m showing you when I say I’m” not going to do that. Lifetime’s Married at First Sight star Paige Banks isn’t buying it. She wonders during confessional whether he was truthful about his reasons for getting a divorce.

Chris decides the conversation is over and walks out after talking over the women. Chris Williams tells MAFS fans he feels like he showed his wife respect, and she wasn’t showing respect back to him. He thinks he has been completely open and honest with Paige since the beginning. The two women seem to agree with each other’s position.  They hug and compliment each other’s beauty and part amicably.

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