‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Chris Asks Paige for Convo With His Ex

Married at First Sight spoilers indicate Chris Williams wants Paige Banks, his current wife, and his ex-fiancée, the mother of his child, to have a conversation. Lifetime has set up the couples with an apartment of their own, but Chris refused to move in with Paige. He also dropped another bombshell on her after they met with Pastor Cal.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Chris Williams Yanks Paige Banks’ Chain Again

Married at First Sight spoilers show captions of Chris Williams talking to Paige. He tells her he wants her to sit down and have a conversation with his ex-fiancée. Paige Banks already told fans she didn’t know if they were finished for real or not. She doesn’t know where she fits into his life now that the ex is back in the picture.

Chris Williams, Season 12 Married at First Sight villain, according to fans, is still playing with wife Paige Banks’ emotions. Chris began acting oddly on day three of marriage and initially refused to talk to Paige about it. After much back and forth between him and producers, he finally dragged her into the bathroom and had a private conversation.

Paige told MAFS producers later that he told her that his ex-fiancée is pregnant, and he didn’t know what he would do. Chris Williams got angry at the other couples who expressed concern for Paige Banks and even broke down crying at one point. Chris told viewers that he felt all the support was for her and none for them as a couple when he explained the crying episode.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks

Paige’s Emotional Roller Coaster on MAFS

Paige Banks has suffered a series of ups and downs since her marriage to Chris Williams on Married at First Sight. Obviously, the high of marrying the man she hopes will be her forever love. Mere minutes later, her new husband Chris revealed he was engaged until just a couple of months ago.

The newlyweds did consummate their marriage on their wedding night. But the next morning shows Chris confessing to his wife Paige Banks that he’s not attracted to her. Paige asked his parents for insight into his behavior during the Married at First Sight brunch, and Chris Williams got upset and accused her of disrespecting him. He broke down in tears, and she wound up comforting him.

During the honeymoon, Chris Williams announced that the ex is pregnant with his baby. On top of that, he’s considering getting back with her so they can raise the baby together. Then Chris refused to come back to Atlanta with Paige and instead flew off to Chicago. Presumably to meet up with the ex and hash out a plan.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks - Chris Williams

Chris Williams’ Latest Blow toward Paige on Married at First Sight

Paige Banks reveals how Chris Williams has yanked her emotions around since their wedding. Cal Roberson seemed to sympathize with her and understood why she felt confused. He is amazed that Chris consummated their marriage on MAFS and then kept asking for intimacy after telling her he wasn’t attracted. Paige Banks confessed his actions confuse her and she has no idea where she stands with him.

On last weeks’ episode of Married at First Sight, at first, Paige was alone. Chris waltzes in the apartment without knocking and speaks briefly with Pastor Cal. Chris called Paige Banks earlier and told her he’s speaking to a divorce lawyer. He believes that is the best option for all of them. The matchmaking expert leaves, giving his opinion that his marriage should not continue. And then Chris leans over and whispers in Paige’s ear that he’s afraid of falling in love with her.

After telling her he wants a divorce and refusing to move in with her, Chris Williams expects Paige Banks to have a civil conversation with his ex-fiancée. Then Chris tells her he’s afraid of falling in love with her. Fans of Married at First Sight believe he’s been playing Paige all along on this Lifetime experiment. And they hope she opens her eyes to his games.

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