‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams’ Temper Blows Up

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams pushes the envelope with one of his co-stars. Things have been building up between the two lately, and Chris blew up on last night’s episode. The group’s atmosphere has been tense due to Chris’ recent revelation that his ex-fiancé is pregnant with his baby.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Loses His Cool

Chris Williams, Lifetime’s Season 12 villain of Married at First Sight, is still causing discord amongst the cast. Three of the guys went on an outing with all their wives. During a break, Virginia Coombs and Clara Fergus talked with Chris and brought up the baby news subject. The father-to-be immediately told them it’s none of their business.

Clara tells Married at First Sight viewers that she’s very concerned about Paige. Paige Banks isn’t herself, and Clara says the woman she sees today and the woman she saw two weeks ago are different people. Virginia and Clara tell Chris Williams they worry because Paige shut down and doesn’t want to talk. Chris got mad and accused the women of faking their concerns. He said it was none of their business what he and his wife planned to do.

Married at First Sight’s Virginia Coombs tells him if she was in Paige’s shoes and he wasn’t going “above and beyond,” and then Chris interrupted her. Chris Williams said he did go above and beyond when he told Paige about the baby. Virginia disagrees and asks if telling Paige about the baby is going above and beyond in making her feel wanted and loved in their relationship.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Chris Goes off the Rails on MAFS

Chris Williams becomes increasingly frustrated, cursing and pacing around as his voice grows louder. Virginia’s Married at First Sight husband Erik Lake came over to stand with her and Clara while Chris raged about Virginia being arrogant. Virginia turned it around and said he was very arrogant, and he then called her a drunkard. Clara, Erik, and Virginia walked away from him to check on Paige, who was sitting by herself with a sad look on her face.

While Chris ranted about being ready to explode, Clara and Virginia told Paige they are there for her, for whatever she needs. Paige Banks’ husband came over and told them to quit interfering in his marriage. Erik tried to calm him down by telling him they were checking on Paige. But Chris insisted a simple conversation was disrespectful. To keep the peace, Paige walks away with her Married at First Sight spouse, who tells viewers that he’s been irritated all week.

Chris tells fans the other couples of Married at First Sight talking about his marriage is disrespectful, in his opinion. And he plans to make their life a living hell on the bus. He immediately started in on Virginia about how disrespectful she was being. Virginia returned that he was also disrespectful to her, but Chris said he didn’t care about her. There were raised voices on the bus as Paige’s hubby kept shouting at the others. Paige asks the rest of the couples to keep quiet, but Chris Williams keeps yelling, “Y’all thought this was going to be a kumbaya ride?”

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Married at First Sight: Farewell Dinner Fight

Paige started the Married at First Sight farewell dinner for their last night in Vegas by saying she appreciated everyone’s support this week. Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs were late to dinner, to no one’s surprise. They missed the part where Chris apologized to the table about the hell he put Paige through. Chris praised Paige Banks for being a woman of God. But said he did not act like a man of God lately. Erik immediately asked to establish some boundaries with Chris.

Erik said he couldn’t allow Chris to ever speak to Virginia like that again and anything he needed to say to Virginia needed to go through Erik. Married at First Sight’s Chris Williams directs his comments to Erik and says he is fed up with the disrespect. Erik tells him he was out of line earlier, and Erik and Virginia get up to leave the table. Chris gets up also and repeatedly says, “whatever you want to do, bro.” He starts to make his way toward Erik, but Vincent Morales interferes and makes him walk the other way as they leave.

All the Married at First Sight couples are looking forward to heading back home to Atlanta and starting their married lives together. Erik confesses to Virginia he’s not a confrontational person, and he doesn’t like drama. But he thinks Chris is looking for a release valve for all the stress that occurred during their honeymoon. Erik thinks Chris finds that relief by focusing on him and Virginia, but as for Erik, he’s finished with his Lifetime co-star.

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