‘Married at First Sight’: Paige Banks Reacts to Baby Bombshell

Married at First Sight bride Paige Banks has been through the gauntlet of emotions. And she’s only been married three days on the show. From experiencing an extreme high of marrying the man she hoped to be her forever love. All the way down to the consideration of a divorce. Lifetime Viewers see nothing but grace and maturity from Paige.

Paige Banks Suffers Another Blow On Married at First Sight

Paige Banks, of Married at First Sight suffers blow after blow since her wedding to a stranger three days ago. The biggest jolt so far is the explosive news that husband Chris Williams dropped on her. New husband Chris was acting oddly, clearly bothered by something. But, Chris said it didn’t matter and he didn’t want to talk about it.

With Chris Williams being mysterious about not telling Paige his devastating news, Paige becomes more and more troubled and also sick to her stomach. Even the Married at First Sight production team was encouraging him to tell her his discovery.

Chris’ reluctance to talk drove Paige Banks to leave the breakfast table, after barely touching her food, while Chris spoke with production behind closed doors.

Eventually, Chris takes Paige Banks by the wrist, and takes her to the bathroom, turning on all the water faucets in an attempt for a private conversation. Paige emerged from the bathroom and left the suite with hardly a word to Chris. Married at First Sight viewers see Paige as she walks to Briana Morris and Vincent Morales’ room. Paige reveals the big secret to Briana. Chris’ ex-fiance is pregnant with his baby.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks

Paige Banks Navigates the Emotional Abyss

Paige Banks numbly tried to process this overwhelming blow. She likens it to swimming through an abyss. Paige’s face shows her distress and sadness as she tells Briana she feels she got the short end of the stick. Briana Morris agrees and points out all the drama Chris Williams brought to their marriage. The newlywed acknowledges all the antics since she and Chris Married at First Sight and said she doesn’t know how much more she can handle.

Chris revealed just minutes after their vows were spoken that he was engaged just a couple of months ago. New Married at First Sight bride, Paige Banks is clearly shocked to hear that. Then, after their wedding night and consummating their vows, Chris told her he was not attracted to her. When she spoke to his parents at brunch, Chris got angry and resorted to tears, causing Paige to try to comfort him.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Paige continuously takes Chris and his feelings into consideration. Paige Banks is also a woman who takes her vows seriously and came into this marriage hoping for a lifetime. At this point, she isn’t sure she can finish out the first week of Married at First Sight. Briana asks what she plans to do and Paige has no answer.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks - Chris Williams

Married at First Sight: Paige’s Physical Responses

Paige, whose smile usually lights up the room, shows physical responses to this new heartbreak. Paige Banks is all smiles at breakfast until she recognizes husband Chris Williams is not acting like himself. Then her face falls into a very serious expression. As Chris tried to avoid her,  she attempts to draw him out. Viewers can see her concern and dismay in her facial gestures. This Married at First Sight couple have had a very rocky start to their new marriage on the Lifetime experiment.

While Paige Banks has the confessional moment, her voice is completely devoid of emotion. Her eyes have a lost look and said she feels like everything she wanted was taken away from her. She slowly walks away from Chris Williams and out of the room. She is pursing her lips, breathing heavily, and sighing as she begins to speak with Briana. Even the tone of her voice sounds different than her usual bubbly self. Paige tells viewers she knows getting Married at First Sight isn’t going to be easy, but she didn’t expect any of this.

At dinner with Chris, Paige Banks is very quiet throughout, and her expression is somber. She tells Chris she’d probably have to walk away from Married at First Sight if today was Decision Day. Later in the evening, all the couples catch up with each other. Paige is sitting next to Chris, but she’s leaning away from him. Her face shows sadness as the other couples tell how well their marriage is going so far. There is a very pregnant pause when Clara asks how the troubled couple has been doing, and neither answers.

New Wife Grace and Maturity on MAFS

Chris Williams leaves to go cry by himself. Married at First Sight’s Paige Banks shows her grace and maturity as she goes to check on him. Paige said she understands he’s feeling overwhelmed right now, but as she sits with him there is still distance between them on the couch. Just moments earlier she told the others that she was thinking of staying with Chris, even after his shocking revelation.

When the couple returns to the Married at First Sight group discussion, they sit on the loveseat together, but they appear to be leaning away from each other. While the others discuss their physical attractions to each other and who has gotten intimate, Chris and Paige Banks are sitting on the couch, very obviously apart from each other. When Vincent talks about Briana having his back while he dealt with family problems, Paige looks pointedly at Chris.

Chris does not meet her gaze. There is another long pause on Married at First Sight as latecomers Erik Lake and new wife Virginia Coombs ask how Paige Banks and Chris Williams are doing. She is again leaning away from Chris as he tells the newcomers his news. Paige has told viewers she is thinking of staying but is her body language telling a different story?

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