‘Married at First Sight’: Erik Lake Tries to Parent Virginia Coombs – Age Gap Too Much?

Married at First Sight‘s Erik Lake saw his wife Virginia Coombs and immediately thought she was attractive. But some Lifetime fans think that many differences might be a dealbreaker in the end.

Married at First Sight: Virginia Coombs Too Much of a Party Girl for Erik Lake?

Virginia Coombs from MAFS said that she likes to drink Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Erik Lake looked like he felt some worry about this because he doesn’t usually drink. During the honeymoon, he got “chocolate wasted,” according to Vincent Morales.

Married at First Sight wife Virginia said she lives a life that includes having a lot of fun. But Erik said he kind of got through that stage in his life already. Virginia Coombs said she hopes he understands that she is still in that stage.

Erik from Married at First Sight told Virginia that she gets they have an age difference. But he keeps bringing it up like, and some fans think it seems like he’s talking to her in a way that’s not quite respectful. So far, she hasn’t said anything about it, but viewers think that will be one of the things that make them fight during the show.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Virginia Cries Over Erik

Married at First Sight wifey Virginia Coombs cried over something Erik Lake said to her. They were having a good time in the pool, and then Erik said that girls and guys couldn’t be friends. Virginia told another wife, Clara Fergus, that she would not give up her guy friends.

Clara gave her some encouraging advice, but it seems jealousy might be a problem between Erik and Virginia. Pastor Cal Roberson had to step in over Virginia Coombs, saying that she passes out at guy friend’s houses. And told her that wasn’t something a married woman should ever do.

Erik Lake of Married at First Sight also had things to say about her putting makeup on to go to the pool. He also pointed out that she was late a lot and that he could never do that because of his job as a pilot. Some viewers think the experts bombed this match and their age difference will make the relationship end in disaster.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Married at First Sight: Settling Down Together?

Virginia Coombs admits she does not want to settle down. In fact, she just wanted to find someone to be with and enjoy all life had to offer with that person. On the other hand, Erik Lake seems to be ready to settle in and have a family.

Virginia, of Married at First Sight, said she isn’t sure she wants to have kids. But that seems like it would be a relationship-ender for Erik. Whatever the case, fans agree that he has to stop talking down to her and trying to parent her.

If they want to make this marriage work, they have to see each other as equals. And many Married at First Sight viewers worry that just isn’t the case.

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