‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Erik Lake Is Moving – Will Virginia Go with Him?

Married at First Sight spoilers reveal Erik Lake is moving, but will Virginia Coombs be going with him? Virginia seems to enjoy flying with her pilot husband, but will she and Erik be flying off into the sunset? Also, Paige Banks confronts Chris Williams about his lack of communication with her.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Moving? Erik Lake & Virginia Coombs Disagree on Neighborhood

Married at First Sight newlyweds Erik Lake and his wife Virginia Coombs have agreed to disagree on many things since their unconventional wedding. But where to live is a big decision. Virginia has her apartment, which she is comfortable with, and Erik has his own place too. But once Virginia saw his place, she preferred her own.

Now, the time is near for the couples of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight to decide where to live after filming. The next MAFS episode shows Virginia Coombs asking Erik if he wants her to move her stuff to his place, and Erik replies she can if she wants to. Virginia says no, but Erik Lake’s next words stun the party girl.

Erik tells his Married at First Sight wife Virginia Coombs he knows where he’s moving when filming is over. And Erik Lake says if Virginia wants to live somewhere else, go ahead. Virginia looks incredulous at his remarks. But this isn’t the first time Erik stated something so drastic. The question is whether this couple can find a way to compromise on such an important decision.

Married at First Sight: Virginia Coombs - Erik Lake

MAFS: Virginia is Thrilled to Fly with Erik

In this week’s show, Erik Lake, pilot and husband on Married at First Sight, takes his wife, Virginia Coombs, up in the air. The newlyweds had a serious talk last week about emotional triggers and why they feel certain ways. But Virginia and her husband Erik looked to be drawing closer to each other by the end of the show.

This week, it appears Erik Lake is showing his Married at First Sight wife Virginia Coombs how much fun they can have together. Virginia smiles big in the back seat of the plane as they soar high in the sky. She even throws her arms out in excitement in the hangar, as Erik displays a seemingly self-referencing t-shirt that reads “The Lake Show.”

But even the most fun-loving couples have their ups and downs. Virginia Coombs seems very much a party-girl type, as far as viewers of Married at First Sight can see. Erik is more settled in his career and, by the nature of his job, not much into drinking and partying. Erik Lake also made some deal-breaker statements along the way about kids. Fans of MAFS wonder whether Virginia Coombs is ready to give up her partying ways to be the wife and mother of future children Erik Lake is looking for.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks is Frustrated with Chris Williams

Paige Banks becomes more and more frustrated with her Married at First Sight husband, Chris Williams, each week, it appears. They have met several times lately to discuss their relationship, but Chris often has nothing to say. Even when he’s the one who arranged the meetings, he can be silent and uncooperative. Paige finally calls him out on his lack of communication in this week’s episode of the Lifetime show.

Last week, on Married at First Sight, Paige Banks made a list of activities they could do together to find a basis for friendship. Chris mentioned playing basketball as one activity. Paige asked him to lead them in Bible study for another. Chris Williams came to Paige’s apartment but did not prepare any verses to study. Nor did he pray over the food he brought for them. He seemed surprised that she asked to hold hands while she said grace for them.

The next episode of Married at First Sight shows Paige Banks confronting her husband, Chris Williams. She says he never has anything to say every time they meet up for a serious conversation. Chris says he wants to be in a serious relationship. Paige replies that is why she signed up for MAFS. Viewers will see Chris standing up and looking away, jaw clenched. Will this couple even be able to salvage a friendship out of their marriage? Can Erik Lake find some common ground with Virginia Coombs?

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