‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Erik & Virginia Hit Dealbreaker – Will They Survive?

Married at First Sight spoilers say Erik Lake has a dealbreaker for Virginia Coombs in their marriage. Plus, Chris Williams and Paige Banks said they were willing to have a do-over. But are their hearts really in it? The rest of the couples address trust and intimacy questions. Watch Lifetime Wednesday at 8 pm/7 Central to see how it turns out.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Erik Lake & Virginia Coombs Deadlock Over Kids

MAFS spoilers show Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs talking with Dr.Viviana Coles. Last week fans of MAFS saw Erik tell Virginia he loved her. But this week, he says he’s out if he and Virginia aren’t on the same page on Married at First Sight.

It’s been no secret that Erik Lake wants children. Even Erik’s mother mentioned to Virginia Coombs at the post-wedding brunch that he definitely wanted to be a father. But Virginia wasn’t so sure. She told her new mother-in-law she was fifty-fifty on having kids. Erik tells Married at First Sight expert Dr.Viviana that he doesn’t even know if Virginia wants kids.

Erik Lake is adamant that if she doesn’t want kids, he’s done. Virginia Coombs doesn’t say anything. She nods as she hears Erik’s ultimatum and presses her lips together. Will this be the condition that rips Erik and Virginia apart on Married at First Sight? Or will the party girl settle down to be the wife and mother Erik is looking for?

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

MAFS: Chris Williams & Paige Banks – Are They Really Starting Over?

Chris Williams and his wife have had plenty of ups and downs during this season of Married at First Sight. Chris was not immediately attracted to Paige and told her so after they consummated their marriage. Paige Banks was understandably upset and brought up Chris’ behavior to his parents. Then, Chris revealed his ex-fiancee was pregnant, and he still had feelings for her.

Then, Paige Banks and Mercedes Myrick, Chris’ ex, met in person on Married at First Sight. Chris got upset during the conversation between the women that he arranged and walked out. Chris also walked out of a meeting with his friends, Pastor Dwight and Mikael, after telling them he intended to divorce Paige. After all that, Paige Banks agreed to talk with Chris one last time. At that meeting, Paige walked off from Chris.

But fans saw Married at First Sight production staff tell her to go back and let him know it was over. Instead, Paige and Chris Williams agreed to hit the reset button. They shook hands as if they’d never met and introduced themselves. On this week’s Married at First Sight, Paige Banks tells Dr. Viviana that it’s like living a nightmare.

And Chris Williams said he didn’t feel like his heart was 100% in this. This MAFS couple agreed to start over, even after all the drama and back and forth emotions. But will they be able to put all that behind them? Or are they through?

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales

Married at First Sight: Will Trust and Intimacy Make or Break the Other Couples?

On MAFS, the couples meet with Dr. Viviana Coles. First, Vincent Morales and Briana Morris are shown playing a game where Briana is blindfolded, and Vincent sprays whipped cream in her mouth. Pastor Calvin Roberson’s overview said trust and boundaries would be tested. Dr. Viviana tells Vincent he’s not perfect, and when life gets to him, he freaks out. Briana looks at Vincent with a serious look on her face.

But Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre get a push on the question of intimacy. Clara shared on Married at First Sight that she and Ryan have not actually consummated their marriage. However, Clara and Ryan do have a physical relationship. Clara also expressed her frustration at the speed of their progress in that aspect. Clara’s response to the question of making their sex life better? To actually have it is her answer.

And finally, Jacob Harder and Haley Harris have trouble all along finding a connection between them. Jacob asked Haley several times on Married at First Sight if she’s attracted to him. Haley said she didn’t know. Dr. Viv asks again whether there is any physical attraction. Jacob looks to Haley, who doesn’t reply at first. Jacob doesn’t meet Haley’s eyes as they try to find an answer.

All of these Married at First Sight couples have a lot of work to do to make their marriage work on the Lifetime series. But will these questions help or hinder? And is the question of kids what could break Virginia Coombs and her on TV partner Erik Lake.

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