‘Married at First Sight’: Erik Lake Worries about Virginia Coombs Cheating

Married at First Sight star Erik Lake is on edge when it comes to trusting his MAFS wife Virginia Coombs. Recently, he thought she stepped over a boundary and wasn’t afraid to say so.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake Has ‘Rules’ about Boys

Erik Lake from Married at First Sight comes from a very conservative and family. His parents are still together, and he thinks the way they do things is the best way to do things. Virginia Coombs, however, has totally different ideas on how marriage works.

Virginia from Married at First Sight didn’t see a problem with falling asleep on her guy friend’s couches when she got drunk with them. Almost everyone agreed that would be a deal breaker in a relationship. And it seems like Virginia is doing something else that her hubby doesn’t feel comfortable with.

Married at First Sight husband Erik Lake shared his feelings about Virginia Coombs liking an ex-boyfriend’s photo on Instagram. She said it didn’t matter because that’s what you do with people on social media. Erik said that she shouldn’t even have him on her list of friends.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Virginia Coombs Doesn’t Like the Rules

Married at First Sight pilot Erik Lake first talked about the “rules” about boys on their honeymoon. Virginia didn’t like the wording of what he said, and she told Clara Fergus she wouldn’t give up her guy friends. It seems like it’s more than just friends she doesn’t want to give up.

Fans of Married at First Sight said it seems like Virginia Coombs feels like she’s still single. And that she wants to do everything the way she did before Erik Lake was in her life. Erik said he doesn’t know why Virginia chose to come on the show, and that worries him.

He did speak to her friend who told him that Virginia is ready for a commitment with Erik. Despite this, there are still road bumps that might cause the couple to get off track. Fans said the age difference seems to be a pretty big problem.

Married at First Sight: Virginia Coombs - Erik Lake

Married at First Sight: Virginia & Erik Fighting to Make It

Virginia Coombs and sweetheart Erik Lake said their attraction to each other was almost immediate. Some people worry that their attraction might cause them to stay in a failing relationship. Despite fans’ lack of belief in their marriage, Virginia and Erik both told each other they love each other.

Erik from Married at First Sight even wrote music for Virginia. Even though they seem to be doing well, Erik Lake can’t let go of the way he thinks things should go. Viewers think his parents’ good marriage might cause more problems than it does good.

Whatever the case, Lifetime fans look forward to seeing if Erik can grow to trust Virginia.

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