‘Married at First Sight’: Erik Lake Secretly Nasty Behind the Scenes?

Married at First Sight husband Erik Lake had most people on his side at the beginning of his marriage to Virginia Coombs. But now, the Lifetime star is coming under some fire from fans.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake Shows His Nasty Side

Erik Lake was super happy when he saw his MAFS wife, Virginia Coombs, come down the aisle. They felt an immediate attraction to each other. Around their one-month anniversary, they already said they loved each other.

Married at First Sight hubby Erik started to notice some things that he didn’t like. Some of those things were her drinking habits and her thoughts on being a dog parent. Virginia has some serious anxiety, and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Erik Lake didn’t like how Virginia acted one day, and when the cameras weren’t there, he let it rip. Erik from Married at First Sight said that she was acting terrible to everyone and that he was f***ing done with it. Virginia Coombs said that he was mean when he got drunk and said he always blamed everything on her.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake

Erik Tries to Parent Virginia Coombs

At first, fans of Married at First Sight thought Erik could get better and stop being so controlling. But after seeing all of the things he says to Virginia Coombs, a lot of people don’t have hope for their relationship. One fan said that Erik Lake is a beta that thinks he is an alpha, and he needs to stop his stuff.

Married at First Sight wife Virginia said that she doesn’t do everything wrong. She went on to say that she feels like she’s drowning. Erik Lake said he didn’t know she felt that way and tried to comfort her, but she was already too upset.

Virginia Coombs doesn’t like the way that Erik needs to keep tabs on her. Fans agree that he is controlling and that she should get out of the relationship if he doesn’t change.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Married at First Sight: Trying to Make the Relationship Work

Erik and Virginia had a terrible fight at the bar one evening. The Married at First Sight cameras weren’t there, but Erik Lake said he worried about Virginia’s safety. He said she disappeared with her friends for forty minutes and he didn’t know if she was okay.

Married at First Sight viewers said Virginia might have been in the wrong, but that Erik was pushing her away with his outbursts. One minute Erik Lake says that he won’t leave her, and the next minute he gives her an ultimatum. Fans think it might even be worse than what production showed on the show so far.

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