‘Married at First Sight’: Did Erik Lake Get a Nose Job?

Married at First Sight star Erik Lake didn’t come across as vain to most people when they first saw him on the Lifetime show. But now MAFS fans think that Erik went under the knife to remedy a nose he didn’t like.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake Looks So Different

Pictures from around ten years ago show a very different-looking Erik Lake. The conservative Married at First Sight husband isn’t what fans call “hot,” but most people do find him attractive. But it seems like he didn’t always think he was attractive.

Married at First Sight fans think that old photos show a different nose on Erik. And that he obviously had work done to give his nose a different slope. Viewers said they felt surprised because he acts like he doesn’t care so much about those types of things.

Other Married at First Sight watchers said they thought his mom looked like she might go under the knife sometimes. She looks very young and they think Erik Lake might have taken after his mom. Whatever the case, viewers won’t budge on their opinion about Erik’s nose.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake

Erik Looking for a Young, Hot Wife?

Another find was photos of Erik’s ex-wife he talked about marrying to allow her to stay on base. She is a model now, and many people think she is way out of his league. Whatever the case, they said it makes sense that he was happy to see party-girl Virginia Coombs walking down the aisle.

Married at First Sight fans said they might owe the experts an apology over fussing about his match. But others still think the experts got the match between him and Virginia very wrong. They have a lot of different ideas about how things should work in relationships and in life in general.

Fans of the show Married at First Sight think Virginia turned his family off by all of her drinking at the wedding reception. But many people think he and his family might be able to get over it if Erik Lake continues to find Virginia Coombs attractive.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Married at First Sight: Working Out the Relationship with Virginia Coombs

Fans noticed that Erik Lake said he wouldn’t leave Virginia, and he wants her to get that through her head. But the next minute, he gives an ultimatum over what he will or will not take. He said if she didn’t want kids, then their relationship would be over.

Viewers of Married at First Sight said Erik needs to stop trying to parent Virginia. He did admit that he tries to tell her what to do, and that might be a problem. Virginia Coombs didn’t seem to like him giving her “rules” about how their relationship would work.

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