‘Married at First Sight’: Erik Willing to Compromise – Virginia Not so Much

Married at First Sight stars Erik Lake and his wife Virginia Coombs have some pretty big questions to answer before Decision Day. In just a few short weeks, they will have to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. Virginia needs confirmation of Erik’s deal-breakers, and Erik wants Virginia to act more like she’s married than single. Will this Lifetime couple figure things out in time?

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake & Virginia Coombs Meet with Experts

Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz met with each of the couples individually this week. Their purpose was to expose the big questions that need to be answered in each relationship to help them make up their minds on moving forward. Erik Lake had questions about his wife’s dog Rockie and whether Virginia Coombs wants to have children.

Virginia told Cal that she’s afraid of being pregnant, and she said she told Erik her fears. Virginia Coombs of Married At First Sight told Pastor Cal she feared “screwing up” her kids, which made her afraid to have them. She also expressed a concern that Erik Lake presents his desire for children as an ultimatum. Erik said in a previous episode he’s done if she doesn’t want kids. But this week, Erik reassured Virginia he would not leave her if it turns out she can’t have kids or complications arose during pregnancy.

Erik Lake met with Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who wanted to know about his and Virginia Coombs’ blowups on Married At First Sight. Erik told the expert about her dog Rockie’s manners. Dr. Pepper related it to her having a child that wasn’t his and said he needed to let it grow naturally. Erik said he didn’t think about it that way before, and he saw her point. His other concern is Virginia’s drinking and independence. Erik told the MAFS expert that when his lady makes plans with her friends or wants to go out drinking, she doesn’t care whether he goes with her or not.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake

MAFS: Erik’s Dilemma Over Wife’s Drinking

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, an expert on Married at First Sight, agreed with Erik Lake that she felt Virginia Coombs’ drinking is unhealthy for their marriage. Erik said he didn’t want to fight with Virginia over anything because he does love her. He said they chipped away at their problems, but they didn’t resolve any of them.

Erik Lake said he’d rather stay home and hang out with his spouse. But he told Dr. Pepper it’s hard to break Virginia Coombs’ cycle of drinking and partying. The Married at First Sight matchmaker said it’s not okay for Virginia to do that, but it’s fair for him to ask for some time just for them. She told Erik Lake to ask Virginia Coombs how much she was willing to give their marriage in terms of time spent with her husband.

Married at First Sight star Erik Lake agreed with Dr. Pepper that more than a few glasses of alcohol was too much for his spouse, Virginia Coombs. She pointed out that a lot of their blowups happened after they’d been drinking. She said it was dangerous and suggested he be honest but not cruel with his concerns over Virginia’s drinking.

Married at First Sight: Virginia Coombs

Married at First Sight: Virginia Feels Loyalty is Most Important to Marriage

Erik Lake brought up some concerns Dr. Pepper Schwartz had about Virginia Coombs’ drinking on Married at First Sight. Dr. Pepper suggested they have quit drinking for a while and see if that helped their discussions. Erik asked Virginia if they could have serious talks when neither of them had been drinking. Virginia said she wasn’t going to talk about it and ignored the question.

Virginia told Married at First Sight expert Cal Roberson her idea of marriage is loyalty. No matter what, your spouse comes first, she said. But does she really think that? Erik Lake also asked her for one weekend a month just for them. Virginia Coombs said that was fine, as long as he planned it. Erik reminded her his work schedule doesn’t always allow for that, and she should be open to canceling things with her friends to be with her husband.

Erik Lake of Married at First Sight looked frustrated when Virginia Coombs refused to consider canceling arrangements with her friends because she planned in advance and he didn’t. Virginia said she would be annoyed if he expects her to cancel her plans at the last minute. Erik responded his job doesn’t allow him to think ahead, and it’s not fair to him that he’s just left hanging because she already had plans with her buddies. Can Erik Lake get his wife to break the cycle of drinking and partying? Will Virginia Coombs keep putting her friends first, or will she be loyal to her husband?

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