‘Married at First Sight’: Virginia Flips Over Erik’s Controlling Ways

Married at First Sight wife Virginia Coombs loses it over Erik Lake’s need for order. Her dog Rockie’s manners are particularly irritating to Erik, but Virginia perceives his comments as arrogance. Also, Erik’s controlling ways push Virginia’s anxiety over the top. With Decision Day looming, with this Lifetime couple make it, or will their different approaches tear them apart?

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs Clash Over Dogs

Fans of Married at First Sight perceive Erik Lake as very particular, always needing things done a certain way. Virginia Coombs’ pet Rockie is a particular point of contention between them. Erik likes Rockie and knows he’s still young, but some of Rockie’s manners need to improve, in Erik’s opinion.

Rockie sometimes bites people softly, and he ran away from Erik Lake off-leash. Eriks said his dog Tex doesn’t do those things, and he thinks Rockie shouldn’t either. Virginia got defensive, saying Rockie wasn’t his dog. The Married at First Sight husband said he felt Rockie came between them, and Virginia Coombs walked out, saying it would cause a fight.

Virginia spoke to the producers of Married at First Sight, crying, saying she got Rockie when she was depressed, and he saved her, which is why they are so close. Virginia Coombs said she wants to run from Erik and everything. She took Rockie for a walk before returning to the apartment she shares with her husband, Erik Lake.

Married at First Sight: Virginia Coombs

MAFS: Virginia Feels Like She’s Drowning

Upon Virginia Coombs’ return to the apartment, the discussion turned to the night before, at the bar. When Erik Lake couldn’t find Virginia for 30-40 minutes, he got concerned for her well-being. His Married at First Sight spouse said his actions come across as controlling rather than protective. Erik said she’s his wife, and he needs to protect her at all times. He did promise to try to back off a little, but he didn’t like not seeing his spouse for 30 minutes while they were at a bar.

Erik Lake said he’s over it and has been since the night before. He asked Virginia how long she wanted to be mad? Then he asked what she needed from him, but Virginia Coombs gave no response to his questions. Finally, he said he was done. Erik told Virginia they went from the best day of their relationship, their one-month anniversary on Married at First Sight, to the point that he didn’t even know what was going on right now.

Erik told fans of Married at First Sight that Virginia Coombs gets defensive and puts up walls he can’t break. It hurts him when she does that, and he believes he doesn’t deserve it. Virginia finally replied that she has anxiety, and she feels like she’s drowning. Erik Lake’s partner wiped tears away, and she said she wants to “get the f***” out of there.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake

Married at First Sight: Erik Reaches an Understanding With His Wife

Virginia Coombs finally opened up and told Erik Lake she thinks like she’s failing at all her relationships, and she feels she’s the only one making changes in their marriage. Things got tense when she accused Erik of being perfect. He told her nobody’s perfect, but that people have to change when they’re married. Virginia told Married at First Sight viewers that she and Erik Lake are in it for the long haul.

She said it doesn’t mean they’re done just because they fought. Virginia Coombs acknowledged they still have some issues to work out, especially before Decision Day arrives on Married at First Sight. She and Erik Lake are still getting to know each other. He said sometimes he doesn’t always know what he did to upset her, and it’s like walking on eggshells.

Married at First Sight newlywed Virginia Coombs said she was pretty self-aware of when she was “crazy” or anxiety-driven. Their different schedules and the stress of deciding where to live are a lot for her. Erik said he’d never judge her and wanted her to believe she could come to him so he could help her and take care of her. In the end, Erik Lake and his wife agreed to have hard conversations and work on talking to each other. While this MAFS couple is going through a rough patch, it seems they both aspire to make their marriage work on the Lifetime show.

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