‘Married at First Sight’: Cortney Hendrix Finally Shares Update On Marriage to Jason Carrion

Married at First Sight stars Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion met on the Lifetime Channel show and fell in love. This couple seems like a great match, but lately, they have had their fans wondering if they are still together or not. Cortney just made a post on her Instagram that is pretty much telling the fans to be quiet because all is well with the couple from Married at First Sight Season 1.

Married at First Sight’s Cortney Hendrix shares photo with Jason Carrion

Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion haven’t been sharing photos together lately. Instead, the couple made everyone wonder if they were over. They haven’t been posting very many pictures together and seem to be in opposite states often. This didn’t mean they were over, but it really did have fans wondering.

This week Cortney Hedrix decided that she had a way to clear up those rumors. The Married at First Sight star went to her Instagram. She shared a photo of the couple together, but her caption says it all. She simply said “STFU.” That is basically Cortney’s way of telling everyone to just be quiet. The couple looks really happy together and this picture really leaves everyone with no reason to think that they are over.

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Cortney and Jason of MAFS update

Cortney and Jason from MAFS have never admitted that they split even for a little bit. Cortney’s new post seems to be her way of showing the world that they are back together once again. There have even been a few posts that made fans think they might be trying to have a baby.

Not long ago, Cortney posted a video on Instagram. She seemed to be a bit intoxicated and in it explained that they are still together. She also went on to say they were enjoying some privacy. Later on, she deleted the post for some reason.

Another thing that Cortney said was that she wasn’t pregnant “yet.” That really did make it sound like this couple was trying to have a baby, but she didn’t admit to it. Cortney hasn’t revealed yet that another Married at First Sight baby is on the way. That would be exciting news and prove to fans that things are going well for them. She has posted for the Ava bracelet, which helps you when trying to conceive, but a lot of celebrities share about this and are getting paid to post.

Right now, Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After is airing on Lifetime with three couples from the show who are expecting.

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