‘Married at First Sight’: Kristine and Keith Dewar – Are They Still Together?

Married at First Sight pair Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth had chemistry early on their season of the Lifetime show. But, whether or not those early sparks would translate into a successful marriage was a big question for the pair. With a new season of MAFS on the way, many viewers want to know more about previous couples. Are Kristine and Keith still together?

Married at First Sight: Kristine Killingsworth Questioned Keith Dewar’s Maturity

Kristine Killingsworth’s new husband Keith Dewar lived with his mother and then his grandmother on Married at First Sight. Before his marriage on the show, he was used to having dinner cooked. And, he was used to household chores like dishes and laundry being done. Even though Keith Dewar and wife Kristine Killingsworth had chemistry early, his maturity level was something she questioned. Along with that, she wondered whether or not she could count on him.

Keith Dewar revealed on Married at First Sight that he didn’t really know how to cook. His grandmother often cooked meals. And, Kristine Killingsworth didn’t like that at all. She wanted Keith to step up and pitch in if they were ever going to make a household work. This was an adjustment for Keith. And, it didn’t always go smoothly. But, with the help of the experts, he set out to prove he could be someone Kristine could count on.

MAFS: Was He Ready to be a Husband?

Kristine Killingsworth had doubts about Keith Dewar on Married at First Sight. She said his room looked like it belonged to a teenager. And, she wasn’t sure he was the right person for her. But, she had his back throughout the entire MAFS process when it mattered. It was a big moment for the couple when Keith Dewar’s dad was a no-show. He was there to meet Kristine. But, his dad blew them off.

Interestingly, this definitely seemed to bring them closer as a couple. And, Keith Dewar was determined to be a better man than his father was when he was growing up. So, in some ways, that ended up being a blessing in disguise for the pair. In addition, Kristine having her husband’s back was a breakthrough moment for the Married at First Sight couple. And, it set the tone for the rest of their MAFS journey.

Married at First Sight: Keith Dewar - Instagram

Married at First Sight Update: Keith Dewar & Kristine Killingsworth – Are They Still Together?

Keith Dewar stepped up to the plate on Married at First Sight and the pair decided to stay married on Decision Day. But, how couples get on once the cameras leave is always a big question mark for MAFS pairs. It turns out Kristine and hubby Keith Dewar recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary as a married pair. And, it looks like they’re stronger than ever as a couple.

Keith and Kristine had to make some adjustments once the Married at First Sight cameras went away. And one of those adjustments was merging their finances. They wanted to budget and be smarter with their money. And, that caused some friction early on in their young marriage.

But, they certainly seem to have found a way to make it work in the first year. They both made a lot of sacrifices to make the dream of buying their first home together a reality. And, it definitely paid off for the duo.

New Married at First Sight pairs may want to take a page out of their book when it comes to standing by your partner through tough times and counting on them to step up to the plate when it matters. Keith Dewar and spouse Kristine Killingsworth did that on the show and continued to do so after the cameras left. And, they are certainly reaping the rewards that come with a successful marriage.

Don’t forget to watch the brand new season of Married at First Sight, coming to Lifetime in January.

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