‘Married at First Sight’ Exclusive: Keith & Kristine Survive First Year and Quarantine on ‘Couples Cam’

Married at First Sight pair Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth survive their first year of marriage and life in lockdown. The MAFS husband and wife spoke exclusively with Soap Dirt. And, they had some interesting things to say. What did they reveal?

Married at First Sight Interview: Kristine Killingsworth & Keith Dewar Talk Marriage

Soap Dirt (SD): What was the biggest adjustment during your first year of marriage?

Keith Dewar/Kristine Killingsworth (KD/KK): “Definitely the biggest adjustment was sharing a car. Kristine [Killingsworth’s] car had broken down a few month’s after Decision Day. And, since we had just bought a house we planned to fix up, we wanted to hold off on additional large purchases”.

“So, we really had to work hard on coordinating our schedules so that Keith [Dewar] was able to get to work on time and that I [Kristine Killingsworth] could continue showing homes without worrying about transportation”.

SD: Was there anything that took you by surprise when you watched your spouse’s confessionals when Married at First Sight aired?

KD/KK: “Nothing really shocked us. We made it a point to be really open with each other during the experiment phase because we wanted to be confident in our final decisions, whether it was staying married or getting divorced”.

Married at First Sight: Keith Dewar - Kristine Killingsworth

MAFS: What Lifetime Cameras Don’t Show

Sometimes, what production captures isn’t exactly how things are. And, that definitely seems to be the case for Kristine Killingsworth and hubby Keith Dewar. The pair come across well on-camera on Married at First Sight. They hardly ever argue and don’t get into any major blowout fights. But, Keith Dewar said it’s not all “sunshine and roses” with Kristine.

Keith said that at times, things with Kristine Killingsworth can be like a “royal rumble” – with their cat as the referee. But, they like to keep a “good balance”. And, they definitely do that more than a year into their marriage.

Meanwhile, one thing Married at First Sight shows is Keith Dewar struggling in the kitchen. He was used to his mother and grandmother cooking for him. And, he had to learn how to cook for himself and his wife on the fly during their season of the Lifetime show.

But, according to Kristine Killingsworth, her hubby’s skills in the kitchen have definitely improved since filming Married at First Sight. She said they even joke about him  “making a cookbook someday”. And, she said she’s “really proud” of her husband.

Married at First Sight: Kristine & Keith Discuss Couples’ Cam – Offer Marriage Advice

SD: What was the experience like filming yourselves for Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam?

Keith Dewar with Kristine Killingsworth: “It was really fun! And definitely more relaxed without a full production team in the room at all times. Not that we don’t love those guys, but it can get a bit awkward sometimes when we’re getting ‘cozy’. It’s so great to be able to smooch without people watching”.

SD: What advice would you give current and future Married at First Sight participants?

KD/KK: “Be willing to adjust your expectations and go in with an open mind and heart. Just remember that the experts can only account for so much on paper. At the end of the day it’s up to you to figure out whether this is truly the match for you. Also, don’t think of the eight week deadline. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon”.

Watch the all-new limited series Couples’ Cam, starting May 20 only on the Lifetime channel.

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