‘Married at First Sight’: Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion Pregnant Talk on Instagram

Married at First Sight’s Cortney Hendrix is talking pregnancy on Instagram. Fans have been looking for an update on Cortney and her husband Jason Carrion and are glad to hear they are still together. These two haven’t been posting on social networks together or saying anything about what is going on.

Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion Still Together

Cortney Hendrix recently posted a live video that shared how things are with Jason Carrion. This video revealed that they are still together. The two are from Season 1 of the show. A lot of fans of Married at First Sight watched the video, but then later Cortney deleted it. She may not be allowed to share this much information with the viewers right now. A fan on Reddit said, “Courtney just posted a drunk live video on insta saying she and Jason are still together and happy but being private at the moment. Bit of booze did the trick.” The fans have been waiting months to hear something concrete about these two and how they are doing.

She also posted another video recently with a guy that made fans wonder. It turns out that this guy was a friend’s husband. Cortney Hendrix Carrion and her husband Jason did have a YouTube channel up. The fans have wondered why they took it down, but rumors are that it is because they are still under contract and Lifetime wasn’t happy with the information being revealed.

Cortney Hendrix post

As you can see in the post above, just last month Cortney and Jason Carrion confirmed that all was well with them. It seems like that is still the case and a divorce isn’t on the way for this couple. That is great news for the Married at First Sight couple.

Is Cortney Hendrix Pregnant?

Cortney Hendrix recently made a post on Instagram.  In her own words she said “I’m not pregnant YET” and talks about tracking her cycle in real time with an Ava bracelet.

She is promoting out the Ava bracelet. This is something that a lot of celebrities get paid to post about just like the monthly subscription boxes. The thing is some say things about not using it to get pregnant, but for other things. Cortney as you can see mentioned that she isn’t pregnant “yet.” It sounds like they are trying. Cortney and Jason must be spending some time together if they are trying to have a baby together.

Why are Married at First Sight fans concerned?

Cortney Hendrix Carrion and Jason Carrion used to post with each other on social networks all the time. Then they really pumped up this new YouTube channel they were doing, but then just quit doing videos for it. This really made it look like they had issues in their relationship. They didn’t explain to fans why they were stopping, which caused a lot of speculation.

Another thing is that they seem to not be in the same place all the time. Jason Carrion recently went to a wedding by himself. She has been in South Carolina and not with her husband. There is no word on why that is going on, though. Cortney and Jason seem to be doing fine with time apart, though.

Don’t miss the new episodes of Married at First Sight on Tuesday nights on Lifetime. You will want to see how the new relationships end up. Maybe Jason and Cortney will show up and give an update on their relationship.

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