‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams & Vincent Morales Both Fake?

Married at First Sight husbands Chris Williams and Vincent Morales were the husbands on the Lifetime show that said they were business owners. Now fans aren’t only calling out Chris, but they say that Vincent is also a fake business owner.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Most Unpopular Husband

Chris Williams of MAFS won the most unpopular husband award for the season. And he may have even got the title over every husband from all of the seasons. Besides his behavior toward Paige Banks, he also got a lot of flack due to always saying how successful he was in business.

Married at First Sight husband Chris said he had multiple successful businesses. How he described his business was that he had a successful restaurant. He also bragged that he spent thousands of dollars on takeout.

Later, fans for the TV show Married at First Sight found out that he owned a Subway franchise and that he ran it terribly. A former co-worker at the store said he didn’t show up to work and he was terrible to workers. Later, the Subway ended up shutting down, and some people said he never made one payment on it, which made fans say he was a fake entrepreneur.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Vincent Morales Runs His Own Car Business

Married at First Sight hubby Vincent Morales defines himself as a business owner. It was hard to figure out what he actually did while watching the show. Everyone knew it had something to do with cars, and now it looks like he just sells cars.

Vincent said his ex had a lack of belief in him and noted that as the cause of their relationship failure. Now some fans of Married at First Sight think he had a half-cocked plan and isn’t financially stable. Many people say that Briana Morris and Vincent are a financial mismatch.

Married at First Sight star Vincent seems to have a car sales/brokerage business. It’s unclear how successful the business is, but some fans think it barely qualifies as an entrepreneur-type business and called him fake as well.

Married at First Sight: Brianna Morris - Vincent Morales

Married at First Sight: Chris & Vincent Get a Bad Wrap?

Fans of Married at First Sight feel split over the issue of Chris and Vincent. Some people believe that they should applaud the young men for trying to think outside of the box. But others say it’s a clear case of “fake it until you make it,” which puts a bad taste in their mouth.

Chris Williams has an overall bad rating with MAFS fans. But some viewers think he does have some sort of business going. Or at least figured out how to get his dad’s money. On the other hand, they think that Vincent is broke at this point.

Married at First Sight celebrity Vincent said that he only cares about the opinion of his day ones. He’s getting a lot of hate from fans after almost refusing to ride horses with Briana. Whatever the case, it seems like both Chris and Vincent are under the microscope at this point.

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