‘Married at First Sight’: Briana and Vincent’s Magical Night

Married at First Sight couple Briana Morris and Vincent Morales take their relationship to the next level. They are first to hear disastrous news from another of the Lifetime show’s couples. And Vincent’s romantic side shines through and makes Briana light up.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris & Vincent Morales Make Magic

During a romantic beach supper, Married at First Sight newlyweds Briana Morris and husband Vincent giggle as they discuss staying in and getting to know each other better last night. Vincent confesses that last night was “like magic” to him. He admitted he wanted intimacy to be organic and happen when Briana was completely comfortable.

Vincent believes her support when he was vulnerable about his grandmother’s health brought down emotional walls for him. And, Briana Morris confirmed they consummated their marriage, and she felt good about it. The Married at First Sight couple both admit they are happy with each other.

Briana  Morris calls Vincent sweet when he says they are more than just husband and wife. They are a match made in Heaven. Vincent can’t stop smiling at her. Briana’s smile lights up whenever she looks at her Married at First Sight husband. This couple really do appear well matched.


Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales

Briana & Husband Support Chris Williams & Paige Banks After Baby News

Paige Banks pays Briana an unexpected visit during Married at First Sight, while Vincent Morales talks to Chris Williams. Paige drops the ” Chris’ ex is pregnant ” baby bomb on Briana Morris. She is speechless at the news. She makes sure Paige is okay and says she’s so sorry for Paige. Briana helps Paige work through the pregnancy timeline.

Meanwhile, Married at First Sight husband Chris Williams tells Vincent the same explosive news. Vincent Morales is confident telling Paige is the right thing to do and wonders about Paige Banks’ reaction. He tries to pin Chris down as to the time frame between his ex getting pregnant and the strange timing of hearing the news days after the wedding.

Briana tells Paige to focus on herself in making this decision. The Married at First Sight outspoken optimist has difficulty being positive about the situation. Vincent Morales and Briana Morris agree that the problem is too much in too short a time. Also, Vincent and Briana agree to be there and support Paige and Chris, whether they stay together or not.

Married at First Sight: Brianna Morris - Vincent Morales

Vincent Morales shows his romantic side on Married at First Sight

From the outside, Vincent Morales looks like a tough guy, but his romantic side is beginning to show on Married at First Sight. Vincent opened his heart and feelings to his wife when he got news of his grandmother’s heart attack. New wife Briana Morris supported him throughout the ordeal until he learned his grandmother’s condition had improved.

Lifetime reality show Married at First Sight star Vincent confessed that his wife having his back really improved their trust in each other.  Vincent said being with someone that cares for you is a beautiful thing. Briana Morris admits she’s a “little bossy,” and her hubby smiles and says she can get away with it because she treats him right. He later says they hit it off so well because they both really want this marriage to work.

Briana Morris and husband Vincent Morales have a beachside supper, and he carries his new bride across the sand. Vincent plays footsie with Briana while talking about their amazing connection to each other. Briana Morris says he has exceeded her expectations as a husband. The Married at First Sight newlyweds agree that while they might have ups and downs, as long as they are honest and put in the hard work, they can have a great life.

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