‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Rage Over Chris Williams’ Disses on Paige

Married at First Sight fans have been upset at Chris Williams‘ conduct toward Paige Banks since the beginning of Season 12. Each week seems to bring a new focus to Chris and his perceived disrespectful comments toward Paige.

From Chris Williams focus on money and looks to asking his new bride inappropriate questions, Chris has many viewers expressing their displeasure.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams’ Focus on Money and Looks

From the beginning, Married at First Sight fans noticed Chris Williams’ focus on money and looks. Some called him “shallow” for focusing only on finances and status. Chris told producers his perfect bride would be sexy, intelligent, and good in bed. Being intelligent and a freak were his other requirements.

Fans of the Lifetime show took offense at his constant focus on sexual matters rather than personality. Some followers called him immature and superficial. Supporters of MAFS see Paige Banks as “too good” for Chris. Social media posts say he tried to prove himself superior to her but was intimidated when he realized she is successful in her own right.

On the show, Chris Williams said he owned a restaurant but Married at First Sight fans reacted badly when they discovered he owned a Subway franchise. One fan commented,”Restauranteur? C’mon, man.” Chris says he’s humble, but followers perceive his words as arrogance.

To be fair, Chis is not allowed to say which restaurant he owns.  He does call it a “major franchise”, which is accurate. And, many Subway sandwich shops are extremely profitable.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks - Chris Williams

Chris’ Wedding Day Comments Toward Paige Banks on Married at First Sight

As the camera followed Chris Williams and Paige Banks on their Married at First Sight Wedding Day, Chris made comments that set off some fans. During the Wedding Supper, the newlywed husband asked Paige very personal questions about herself. Including whether she was a virgin and if she used contraceptives. Enthusiasts called his behavior “disgusting” and likened him to a pig.

However, Married at First Sight has had a virgin on the show before as a bride. So, depending on the context, it may not be that weird a question. the edit you see on MAFS isn’t always how the conversation played out in real life.

Paige Banks’ bridesmaids got a chance to speak with Chris after the wedding. Eyebrows were raised when Chris Williams told Paige’s friends she was not a trophy wife. They immediately defended Paige and said she was indeed a trophy wife. Plenty of MAFS fans agreed and said Paige is out of his league.

Chris went even further and told viewers he wasn’t 100% attracted to Paige. Fans again defended Paige Banks’ looks and said he has no room to talk about anyone else’s looks. Chris Williams went on to say she has a “fat a**’ so he can work with it. Many Lifetime show Married at First Sight fans found that comment distasteful.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Fan Quotes

Paige’s MAFS Wedding Night Fan Reaction

According to Paige Banks, during MAFS brunch with her new in-laws,  she revealed that her husband confessed that he wasn’t 100% attracted to her. Chris told her this after they were intimate twice during their wedding night. Devotees acted enraged at Chris Williams, calling it awful, disgusting behavior. One fan called him a cretin and blamed the “experts” for setting him up with the ‘lovely, smart and beautiful” Paige.

Chris Williams’ family had split reactions, with his mother asking if he’d been drinking. Chris’ dad defended Paige Banks, surprising fans, who had been against Dad earlier from his comments to Married at First Sight star Paige. The show’s fans were upset the night before when Chris’ Dad gave Paige marital advice on how often to be intimate with his son.

Some felt Chris Williams has no right to get mad at Paige Banks for bringing the subject up with his parents. He claimed his sex life is private and accused Paige of disrespecting him. Fans pointed out that he openly asked her on national TV about her virginity.

A hashtag #JusticeforPaige cropped up after recent episodes of Married at First Sight.

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