‘Married at First Sight’: Did Chris Williams’ Preacher Inspire Attitude that Enraged Fans?

Married at First Sight groom Chris Williams (husband of Paige Banks) may have unusual views on women, love, and relationships because of his preacher.

Many Married at First Sight viewers raged over Chris’ words and attitude toward Paige Banks (and women in general). Now, we found out his outlook may be adopted from his pastor — but not the one we saw with him on MAFS.

Married at First Sight Fans Irritated at Chris Williams Over Outlook on Marriage & Women

Chris Williams has made many controversial comments about women so far on Married at First Sight. He told producers he wanted a submissive woman, who was sexy, intelligent, good in bed, and “a freak.” Chris seems to put more focus on his bride’s looks than he does on her values. Even so, Paige Banks is beautiful — but her husband doesn’t seem to see that.

Married at First Sight husband Chris Williams said he wanted a woman who would build an empire with him. He says she needs to carry his brand forward with the children they’d have together. That sounds like a corporate strategy — not a roadmap to a good marriage. Chris revealed he wanted a honeymoon baby. Then, and at the wedding reception, asked Paige Banks whether she was on birth control.

On Married at First Sight, Chris put off Paige’s friends and bridesmaids when he told them his new wife wasn’t the woman he wanted. He said she’s the woman he needs, though. But, Chris Williams says Paige is not a trophy wife. So, on MAFS, her friends rushed to her defense. Chris admits to viewers he’s not 100% attracted to Paige but he likes her body, especially her a**. Did this attitude come from the pulpit?

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Dr Matthew Stevenson


Preacher Says “Fat” Single Women Not Ready for Marriage

Chris Williams, from Married at First Sight, has been following Dr. Matthew Stevenson and his church for eight years. It could be Stevenson’s harsh views on women molded Chris’ questionable ideals of what makes a good wife. In some of his sermons. Dr. Stevenson opines that single women who are not physically fit are not ready for marriage.

The pastor also criticized women who don’t get their “makeup together.” Incredibly, in one sermon Chris Williams preacher said that when women are overweight, it can make men in the church turn to other men for fulfillment. The guy also said a woman’s “moment of vibrance” is at night when she plants “fruitful vines” in the bed. Perhaps the Married at First Sight husband is taking these strange sermons to heart.

With his pastor prioritizing the physical attributes of women, that could be influencing Chris Williams’ views on his wife. According to Dr. Stevenson, he’s welcomed Chris Williams as one of his flock for many years. Since he’s stuck by that pastor for so long, they may see eye-to-eye on women and marriage. Married at First Sight watchers may not care where Paige’s husband gets his views — they don’t like them.

Married at First Sight: Pastor Says Money is the Focus of Relationships – Chris Agrees?

Chris Williams from Married at First Sight seems highly focused on money and finances. So much so that some fans are turned off by his constant mention of wealth and cash. But that aligns with what we’ve heard from the pulpit of his preacher who describes himself as a “money man.”

Dr. Stevenson said the Bible’s view of it is that money can’t buy you love. But, Stevenson says “it can lease it.” He’s also preached to his congregation on the importance of “acquisition.” And he says you can’t be a conqueror and pay rent. So, Chris Williams’ spiritual guru might inspire the new husband on matters of marriage, mortgages, and business.

Now, many fans of Married at First Sight think Chris’ attitude is demeaning towards women in general — and Paige Banks in particular. You can see one of his sermons above to decide for yourself if his preacher might be the driving force behind some of what we hear from Chris Williams on MAFS.

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