‘Married at First Sight’: What Kind of Doctor is Amelia Fatsi?

Married at First Sight‘s Amelia Fatsi is matched with Bennett Kirschner. She is a doctor and says she wants her husband to be a stay at home dad. But what kind of a doctor is Amelia from MAFS? Many fans wonder if she’s a medical doctor or if she may be a Ph.D.

Married at First Sight: Dr. Amelia Fatsi Finds the Dress

We’ve seen enough to already make us love Amelia Fatsi. Fans of Married at First Sight. She does have some interesting quirks that made MAFS fans do a doubletake. But even still, everyone is loving Dr. Amelia.

When Amelia Fatsi was picking out her Married at First Sight dress, there were a few people worried about what she would pick. Thankfully, Amelia found a dress that was very much her personality, but it wasn’t ugly. Some of the dresses she tried on weren’t very flattering. She even said one of them looked like she was wearing a doily. And fans of Married at First Sight that airs on Lifetime Wednesday nights at 8 pm agree.

Amelia’s friends showed up and were very supportive. One of her friends said that her husband is going to be laughing a lot. And her friend went on to say that Amelia Fatsi makes everyone around her happy. Married at First Sight followers wonder if Amelia’s friends will approve of Bennett.

Married at First Sight - Bennett - Amelia

I’ve Met Him Before

On one of the Married at First Sight NOLA promos, Amelia tells her mom that she saw Bennett before. Since Amelia is from Virginia, it is more of a surprise that they’ve met each other. Fans wonder if they ran into each other during the interviews or the pre-screening process? However, production generally keeps those groups seperate. More than likely, Amelia has seen an improv show where he was a cast member.

Whatever the case is, Amelia said she’s at least seen Bennett Kirschner before. But we don’t know if they’ve talked before. Now, fans want to know if Bennett saw her as well. And will that be good for their wedding or will it put a damper on things?

Amelia is looking for a husband to stay home with her babies. And viewers of Married at First Sight think that Bennett could be the perfect person for her. He doesn’t seem like he would mind staying at home. In fact, he even said he would like to take Amelia Fatsi’s last name.

Married at First Sight: Amelia - Bennett - New Orleans

Married at First Sight: Doctor Amelia Fatsi Is In the House

Married at First Sight fans are asking if Amelia is a medical doctor or if she is a Ph.D. Well, she is in fact, a medical doctor. She recently graduated from medical school and is now doing her residency. It looks like she’s working in public health.

Doing a residency is a hectic time that leaves little room in your life for anything else such as a husband or children. Residents may work more than 70 hours a week as they learn their specialty. So, it definitely looks like she may need a stay-at-home guy like Bennett to support her.

Amelia Fatsi is still registered to practice medicine in Virginia. But she’s now living in New Orleans. Will she want to move back to Virgina after she’s married? Fans will have to wait and see.

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