‘Married At First Sight’: Karen’s Mysterious Text Gives it all Away

Married At First Sight is in New Orleans this season and Karen’s stunned by a text about Miles Alexander. And this season seems to have all the bases covered. From quirky and sweet to cocky and arrogant, this cast promises quite a crazy ride. Five couples were introduced in the season 11 premiere The Story Begins. Grab your champagne and settle in to meet the NOLA cast of MAFS. 

Bennett And Amelia – Very Much Alike on Married At First Sight

The first couple on MAFS NOLA is Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi. Bennett’s described as a “romantic thespian.” He’s definitely a free spirit with many creative talents and interests such as theatre and freelance writing. He’s a pedicab operator by trade. He grew up in a family that encouraged creativity and liked to personify inanimate objects like the garbage can that he called “the president”.

Bennett is committed to the process and tells friends that due to his romantic past, finding a wife is best left out of his hands. His match on Married At First Sight: New Orleans is Amelia Fatsi. She’s equally quirky and creative – and a doctor. Amelia’s mom was the breadwinner, so she’s okay with her husband raising the babies. These two seem pretty well suited, but are they too much alike? Bennett tries to wear a sequined elephant cap at the wedding but his friends say no. But after seeing Amelia’s wildness, she might like it.

Karen Gets Mysterious Text Revealing Miles Alexander’s Identity Before The Wedding

Karen’s nickname is “Ms. Reservations.” She’s pretty nervous about getting Married at First Sight, plus her mom isn’t on board. Karen’s last relationship ended when she found out her last partner of five years had a child with someone else – while they were still together. Karen has reason to be insecure about moving forward. It doesn’t help that her mom thinks she lost her mind and reminds her she can still bail.

Karen’s Married at First Sight match is Miles, who works in education. Miles is a nice, smart guy who is close to his grandparents. His parents split when he was young and he doesn’t want to repeat that cycle. He has a good attitude and gets along well with the other grooms. In a strange twist, Karen gets a text the night before the wedding that reveals his name. She looks up his Instagram and tearfully tells producers he’s not her type. So, Karen wonders if she’s making a mistake.

Is Brett Really Ready To Marry Olivia on Married At First Sight?

Olivia is a nurse practitioner who’s ready to settle down. She has two cats she adores but wants more. She loves having fun and a good night of karaoke. Her mom comes to visit so Olivia can tell her she’ll marry a stranger in just a few weeks. Her mom thinks the news is gut-wrenching. But the two are close, so she says she will support her daughter in the marriage.

On Married At First Sight, experts matched Olivia with Brett, who they call “Mr. Serial Dater.” On the upside, he too has a cat he loves. But he comes across a little arrogant and his behavior is horrible at the bachelor party when he hits on the waitress and one of the other groom’s female friends. He also dips out of the party early. So, the guys are kind of annoyed with him. His dad also isn’t on board with the MAFS experiment.

Amani & Woody Randall On MAFS

Amani grew up with a lot of responsibility. She watched her younger siblings after school. And, she hasn’t had much luck lately with dating. She actually found out the last guy she dated was married. But she’d signed on to Married At First Sight to take a chance on love. She is just hoping whoever they match her with she can trust. Amani likes having fun and has a great time at the bachelorette party.

So, it’s probably a good thing they matched her with Woody Randall, whose tagline is “the life of the party.” Woody admits he’s made the most of single life but he’s ready to settle down. His friends aren’t so sure. He and Miles are good friends already. Others say they can see Miles being ready but not Woody. He too has a great time at his bachelor party. So these two should at least be able to have fun together.

Experts Match Henry Rodriguez and Christina on Married at First Sight New Orleans

Christina goes by “The Princess Bride.” She never knew her father but is very close to her mom. Her mother’s super-supportive when Christina tells her they found her a match. And she asks her mom to walk her down the aisle. Christina never had a man bring her flowers except for her grandfather. So getting a bouquet of exotic flowers would mean the world to her.

Henry Rodriguez is her match on Married At First Sight. Henry is quiet like Christine. He’s recently lost a lot of weight and had heart surgery after a routine check-up showed a leaky valve. Henry is kind of awkward and doesn’t have a lot of confidence. He is ready to settle down with someone and asks his long-time BFF to be his best man. Henry’s called the “reserved gentleman” and Henry Rodriguez seems a good match for Christina.

The Gang Parties With Strippers On Their Last Night as Singles

The guys and girls meet up at separate parties to get to know each other on Married At First Sight. Bennett and Miles hit it off and get along well. Brett starts off acting like an idiot and hits on a waitress making a corny “call me” gesture. This leads the other guys to doubt his intentions. Later at the party, Bennett lets loose and dances with strippers. Brett’s annoying and hits on one of Henry’s female friends.

The girls drink at a bar and get along fine so far. Later at the bachelorette party, the stripper arrives and first tries to engage Olivia. She’s not having it and walks away. Christina looks visibly upset when Amani gets a spirited lap dance from the stripper and says it makes her anxious. Amani suggests a shot and gets a glare from Christina whom she calls a “buzzkill”.

Looks like season 11 is off to a crazy start. Remember to watch Wednesdays at 8 on Lifetime to see how Karen reacts to Miles at the altar, since she knows already he’s her groom.

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