‘Married at First Sight’: Amelia Freaks Out Fans at Wedding to Bennett Kirschner

Married at First Sight‘s Amelia Fatsi made fans do a double-take when she had to pick the dress to marry Bennett Kirschner in. MAFS viewers got more than they bargained for. Everyone knew she was unconventional, but they didn’t expect what they saw.

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi Is a Blushing Bride

Amelia Fatsi is one of the brides from Married at First Sight NOLA that isn’t showing any sign of fear. She says she isn’t nervous about it and she thinks it is going to go great. She is very different and her friends say her husband is going to laugh a lot.

Amelia is a doctor and says she wouldn’t mind being the main breadwinner. In fact, Amelia said she would love to have a stay at home husband. She wants someone that would be happy to stay home and raise her babies.

What was it that surprised fans, though? It was the spin in her sleeveless wedding gown and the non-shaven armpits. Viewers weighed in and many of them said they couldn’t believe Amelia Fatsi did that. But there was also a crowd of people that watch Married at First Sight that said they wished they could be wild and free too.

Married at First Sight: Amelia

Bennett Kirschner Wants to Take Her Last Name

When it comes to the perfect odd couple, Married at First Sight watchers think Bennett and Amelia Fatsi are the best. One of the things that was interesting is that Bennett Kirschner asked if he could take her name. Bennett seems to want to go against what traditions are. He does live in a tiny house without a toilet after all.

Bennett doesn’t have a particular career goal in mind. It seems like Bennett is more interested in doing whatever he has to do to pay the bills. And the rest of the time, it seems like he wants to focus on the arts and doing things that make him happy.

This could be a great fit for him and Amelia from Married at First Sight that airs Wednesday nights at 8 PM on Lifetime since Amelia Fatsi also enjoys the arts. She has a lot of fun playing music and hanging out with friends. And if you watched the bachelor party, it seems like Bennett is okay with that too. Even if Bennett Kirschner does wear dirty socks at his wedding because he didn’t think about needing dress socks.

Married at First Sight: Amelia

Married at Fight Sight: Do They Split or Stay Married?

Now that we know a little bit more about Amelia Fatsi and her husband Bennett Kirschner, do they stay together or do they split? They are definitely the couple most people are rooting for. They seem like the perfect match for each other. And Married at First Sight viewers are looking for a happy ending for the two.

Even though they are quirky, there could be trouble in paradise. In one of the promos, we did hear Amelia say to her mom that she’s seen him before. The experts share they had some concern on this issue since New Orleans is such a small city.

When we look at Bennett and his wife Amelia’s photos, it seems like Bennett and wife Amelia Fatsi are very happy together. Time will tell if they stay married or decide to part ways on decision day.

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