‘Married at First Sight’: Amani Betrays Henry Rodriguez’s Trust?

Married at First Sight‘s Henry Rodriguez and Amani had a private conversation recently. And some fans say that Amani betrayed his trust by telling Christina what he said to her in confidence.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez Struggles with Christina’s Impatience

Christina and Henry Rodriguez have a strained relationship. Ever since Christina caught her dress in the door and forgot Henry Rodriguez’s name—it’s been downhill from there. And one of the things the producers started to showcase early on was when she acted impatiently.

One of the early signs was when she didn’t want to wait for her wedding anymore. And she refused to do a diary cam if she had to move. Christina of Married at First Sight snapped at production and did a snarky little recording and continued to wait.

When Henry Rodriguez saw her walking up the aisle, he said she was tall. In fact, Henry Rodriguez hasn’t said much else about how Christina looks, which has been a point of frustration for Christina. She’s tired of waiting for him to tell her how gorgeous she is.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Christina

Henry Confides in Amani

During a group get-together, Henry from TV series Married at First Sight sat down with Amani. Amani told production she was excited to see that Henry and his wife were doing better. In fact, they seemed like they were doing well. But her opinion changed quickly whenever Henry Rodriguez began talking to her.

Henry told Amani, “Patience is a deal-breaker,” and that if Christina continued to act like that, he wouldn’t stay married to her. Amani from Married at First Sight told producers that it seemed like the outlook was just as bad as ever and “that’s deep.” And soon after, Amani was hanging out with Christina and the other women to report back to Christina.

Christina said, “So, you got to talk to my husband,” and she pressed Amani on what he said. Amani told her that Henry really had a problem with her lack of patience. She did mention Henry said things have been better lately. But she also said he thought it could be a dealbreaker.

Married-at-First-Sight: Amani

Married at First Sight: The Drama Marches on Toward Decision Day

Fans of the Lifetime show think that Amani broke the friend code. Henry seems to be close to Woody, and by extension, Amani shouldn’t have said something that would cause trouble. And cause trouble, it did. Christina was mad and told Henry Rodriguez everything she heard from Amani.

Henry didn’t feel upset with Amani. In fact, he said that he had told Married at First Sight wife Christina it was a problem before. Fans know he is telling the truth because it’s on tape.

Finally, they decided to settle things down. But their relationship doesn’t look like a yes on Decision Day.

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